Many guests spilled onto the lawn while Bob Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo SOBS was giving a speech at a star-filled funeral.

Bob Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, sobbed during a late comic funeral speech filled with so many guests spilling on the grass.

Full House Alum died on January 9, 2022 at the age of 65.


Friends and family attended Bob Saget’s funeralCredit: Coleman-Rayner

Family and friends gathered to say goodbye to the legendary star when worship was held at the Sinai Mountain Memorial Park and the Morgue in the Tanach Chapel.

Hundreds of people apart from his family Notable face Comedian Mike Binder, Bob’s best friend Jeffrey Ross, Full house Co-starring John Stamos And his wife, and Candace Cameron.

Jad Apatou, Marc Maron and Jimmy Kimmel were also prominent guests who participated in the service.

According to one source, Kelly made a laughing and moving speech when he revealed that he would call Bob a “hero” and him a “Batman.”

Kelly was also honored to be his wife and said he was her greatest culinary critic but greatest supporter, insiders said.

According to sources, Disney’s Paul Pressler also spoke in a speech that America’s Faniest Home Videos called his “brother” the host, full of vows, and made guests laugh out loud.

Previously, friends and loved ones Pour into the house Bob and Kelly shared up to his death.

Bob was found dead on Sunday at the Ritz-Carlton, Orlando.

Sheriffs and fire departments responded to a hotel in Orlando around 4 pm on January 9, after Bob was found in his room by hotel guards.

He was Pronounced dead But in the field The situation of his death Unknown at this time.

Read us Bob Saget’s live blog About the latest news and updates …

The death of a star Verified According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

“Earlier today, a phone call about an unresponsive man in a hotel room called an agent to Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes,” the office at the time tweeted.

They added: “The man was identified as Robert Saget and pronounced deceased on the scene. A detective was found. No signs of cheating or substance use in this case. “


Bob’s family will soon share a statement We weekly: “We are devastated to make sure our beloved Bob died today.

“He was everything to us. I want you to know how much he loves his fans. He played live and brought people from all disciplines with laughter.”

Bob tied a knot with his wife Kelly in 2018, but they had no children.

comedian Shared twins Aubrey and Lara Melanie were born in 1987, and their daughter Jennifer Bell was born in 1992 with her first wife. High school lover, Sheri Kramer.

Bob recently came to multiple locations in Florida touring the country. He had a show in Jacksonville on Saturday night and stayed until early Sunday morning.

“I like tonight’s show at Jacksonville @PV_ConcertHall. Thank you audience. Thanks again to @RealTimWilkins for opening,” Bob tweeted around 3am on Sunday.

“In a wonderful spirit”

Previous source Talked to the sun exclusively: “Bob was fine with a comedy show sold out in Florida the day before.

“From his Instagram post after the show, you can see how he exploded on stage and how excited he was back on the comedy tour circuit.”

Next, Insider said Kelly was “very grateful and impressed with the support, media compliments, fan reactions, and messages from close friends and family.”

Sources added: “This happened within 24 hours, so she’s still numb, needs time to deal with it, and speaks out when she has time to mourn properly.

“It’s really devastating.”

Bob reportedly I made the last call to Kelly Before “dying in his sleep without suffering”.

Bob Saget dies at age 65 – Full House star dies at Ritz-Carlton, Orlando, hours after the final performance

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Many guests spilled onto the lawn while Bob Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo SOBS was giving a speech at a star-filled funeral.

Source link Many guests spilled onto the lawn while Bob Saget’s wife Kelly Rizzo SOBS was giving a speech at a star-filled funeral.

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