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Many of the Andes have no snow due to long-term droughts.

In the Andean regions of South America, there is little or no snowfall during periods of heavy snowfall.

Satellite images show that many mountains in the famous range running along the western edge of the continent have sparse snow or completely bare ground, Reuters reported..

Processed via REUTERS by Copernicus Sentinel-3, DG DEFIS / Handout

The combination of images acquired by one of the Copernicus Sentinel-3 satellites shows the lack of snow affecting the Andes in South America. Photos taken on July 27, 2020 and July 29, 2021.

“Here we see a long-term reduction in precipitation, a process of megadrought,” Ricardo Villarva of the Institute for Snow and Glacier Environmental Sciences in Argentina told Reuters. “Now, if you look at the precipitation level of Cordillera as a whole, [Andes range], They indicate that it is not snowing at all or little snowing. “

Since the Southern Hemisphere is winter, the mountains should have peak snowfall. Scientists attribute the decade-long drought to anthropogenic climate change.

NS Study published in June We predicted that drought and other extreme weather events would worsen throughout South America if greenhouse gas emissions remained uncontrolled.

“Especially South America and Brazil are already showing signs of climate change, including rising surface temperatures, changing rainfall patterns, melting Andean glaciers, and more frequent and severe extreme weather events,” said Lincoln Muniz Alves. Researchers say. National Institute for Space Research, Brazil Said in the news release.. “These changes in climate characteristics are a precursor to what will happen in the coming decades if unprecedented increases in greenhouse gas emissions continue.”

NS Historical drought is blaming at the same time The western United States, where water supplies are declining and the threat of wildfires is increasing, is exacerbated by extremely hot and dry conditions.

Many of the Andes have no snow due to long-term droughts.

Source link Many of the Andes have no snow due to long-term droughts.

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