March 6, 2021: WeAreVirtual: How to Have a Rewarding Conversation in Our Time

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During the pandemic blockade, most of us felt a clear contrast between the separation from the outside world and the strength of our relationships with the people we live in. At the same time, the political background has been characterized by its own strength. Government pandemic decision, Black Lives Matter Movement The death of George Floyd led to a controversy over voting in US elections, not to mention what happened at the US Capitol.Learn to get better at times like this A rewarding conversation It doesn’t matter anymore.

In politics, business, and in our homes, we often polarize and avoid important conversations that are needed. This can make us feel frustrated, stuck, and a little numb. Sometimes we just feel angry and “opposite”. It prevents us from moving forward and finding the best solution we can.

In this session, you will learn the following:

• What is a conflict and why do we polarize and avoid conflict?
• What does a good conversation look like / what is it really?
• How to set yourself up for a better conversation / Good conversation principles
• How to deal with difficult emotions
• How to treat yourself and others

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About Mia

Mia Forbes SpiritMia Forbes Spirit – Winners of the UK Independent Mediator of the Year 2021 Corporate International Awards – are not afraid to solve problems that many avoid. She is also a commercial and workplace intermediary, helping people have difficult conversations that divide us. Whether facilitating conversations about gay marriage, race, or the refugee crisis, Mia works with clients from the G7 to the Anglican Church to connect and make positive changes through difficult situations. We have reached a peaceful solution to create. Mia leverages bilingual (French and Italian fluent) facilitation and coaching skills to help people learn better as a child and use gifts refined through academic and adult experience. And is passionate about creating a more harmonious world. ..

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March 6, 2021: WeAreVirtual: How to Have a Rewarding Conversation in Our Time

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