Martin Lewis issues a gift card warning, urging everyone to check it now

Martin Lewis hosted the annual Christmas special episode of the Martin Lewis Money Show Live, explaining some tips and tricks to avoid wasting cash during this festive season.

Martin Lewis Money Show Live Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis We issued a warning about gift cards in advance Christmas..

The founder of MoneySavingExpert explained how many vouchers would be out of date before people could use them.

This is because most of the time it has an expiration date-and remember if you didn’t write it Use a gift card Before this point, you lose your cash.

Martin also explained how gift card money isn’t protected in the event of a business bankruptcy.

If the company is under control, the company behind this process can decide to stop accepting vouchers at any time.

Martin Lewis warned about buying gift cards



At the Martin Lewis Money Show Live Christmas Special, Martin said:

“If a company goes bankrupt, you run out of money. Many of them also have expiration dates that people forget to use.

“Personally, I like cash. This is the most flexible gift certificate.

Think, “Is this company safe if I give a gift certificate?”

Martin also used his show to remind families struggling to avoid wasting cash on “unnecessary” gifts, especially when they are in financial distress.

He explained that Christmas has become a “retail festival” that causes “unhappiness, debt, and worries.”

“Many people feel obliged to buy gifts for others they know they don’t use for money they don’t have, causing stress they don’t need,” Martin said. Said.

“I think part of the reason is that we are separated from the reason we give gifts.

“We will give back the gift of Tit for tat, that is, people will be Tit for tat.”

Did you lose your gift card money because your voucher has expired? Please let us know in the comments below.

Martin Lewis also shared tips on how to save money on gifts



For those who discuss the gift of giving, Martin said that his concept may actually be considered “selfish” because it makes people feel that they have to buy. rice field.

“It can falsely prioritize people’s finances and create a financial burden.

Sometimes the best gift is to free others from the obligations you have to give.

“Work together and buy unwanted Christmas gifts. Not for your spouse, not for making kids smile under the trees … but I feel we have to buy. The list of friends, cousins ​​and teachers continues to grow. “

Whether it’s a gift, food or decoration, the best thing to do when it comes to spending this Christmas is always within your means.

Make a note of your budget, disassemble what you can use and make sure you stick to it.

Martin Lewis’s Top Money Advice

If you are looking for a gift, make sure you get the best price.

Martin emphasized two websites that can be used to check historical price data and ensure the best deals.

He recommended CamelCamelCamel for historic Amazon price changes and PriceSpy for a comprehensive comparison website.

Martin said: “If you’re shopping on Amazon and you’re told it’s cheap, you want to know if it’s really cheap.

“ maps prices, so you can see that prices are going up and down.

“So, if you use it to look at prices now, you can save money and get discounts, and you can see if it’s really the cheapest time of the year on Amazon.

“If you’re shopping for Christmas using a price comparison site, is a great way to see if it’s cheap at different stores.”

Martin suggested not only comparing prices, but also trying a little trick to get shoppers to send discount codes to retailers.

It involves leaving the item in your basket and waiting to see if the store sends you an email with the money from the voucher.

Of course, this isn’t guaranteed to work all the time, but it’s okay to try it.

“When you log in online, you put it in your shopping cart, put in the items you need, and then leave,” Martin said.

“Often after a few days, if you haven’t purchased, send a discount code to make it cheaper.”

But he added: “It doesn’t always work.”

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Martin Lewis issues a gift card warning, urging everyone to check it now

Source link Martin Lewis issues a gift card warning, urging everyone to check it now

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