Martin Lewis predicts best Black Friday and Christmas sales ahead of retail explosion

At the ITV Money Show tonight, consumer expert Martin Lewis predicted some of the best savings ahead of Black Friday.

Consumer Champion shared all deals, tips and rights you need to know before December 25th

British shoppers are heading for a £ 9 billion explosion starting this weekend. Black friday It is in progress nationwide.

Brands have promised more discounts than ever after the blockade of High Street last year, but Martin Lewis warns shoppers to think twice before letting go of cash.

“Ask yourself my three money mantras,” a consumer expert told viewers Thursday night. ITV Money show live.

“Do you need it, can you find it cheaper elsewhere, and can you afford it,” he said.

“If any of those answers are’no’, don’t buy it,” he added. “If yes, be careful when shopping.”

Martin Lewis’s money-saving advice is rarely needed than preparing for Christmas

Lewis said it’s important to plan ahead to ensure you don’t fall into festive debt.

According to consumer experts, if you want to buy a particular product, you can use a festive forecasting tool that compares prices over the last decade and reveals your forecast.

“We’re looking at marketing over the last six years and trying to predict what has happened in the last few years,” Martin said.

“This is to follow marketing patterns and consistency,” he added.

“Unfortunately, some celebrities are missing this year. There are no Debenhams or Topshop.

“The retail environment has changed. It’s not about spending money, it’s about encouraging people to time their plans to buy so they can save cash.”

Martin’s Christmas and Black Friday Forecast

  • IKEA: Buy a £ 29 Christmas tree from the Flat Pack Furniture Giants and get a £ 20 voucher for use in stores and online in January or February. There is no chance of getting up to 50% off early Christmas until December 16th.

  • Wine and Fizz Deals -Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda all get 25% off when you buy 6 bottles (until November 29th, December 1st and December 12th).

  • London Theater Tickets- Mastercard customers can get £ 10 to £ 50 tickets now. Or, everyone else can shop from December 7th.

  • Apple: Apple offers a £ 100 gift card to very expensive shoppers. This may be on a MacBook, etc.

  • Asos: 80% off Black Friday, up to 70% off on December 20th.

  • MS -Marks & Spencer now offers 20% to 50% off all household items. Chains are expected to reduce gift wrapping from December 7th.

  • Reebok -65% off until Sunday

  • Super drug- 55% off until Tuesday

  • Disney Shop- 20% off until Monday

  • H & M -20% off everything from 20th December until midnight on Friday and Christmas sale.

  • Selfridges -20% off clothes, 10% off beauty / technology

  • boots: The beauty chain will also be back with a Christmas “star gift”. Soap and glory gift sets will be half price (£ 32.50) from December 3rd. No7 half price reduction from December 8th.

  • Kurt Geiger: We plan to start selling 50% off on December 3rd.

  • Christmas vegetables- Prices will drop in supermarkets on December 16th. Vegetables from 14p in most supermarkets.

  • Flight sales- Virgin Atlantic Airways December 14, British Airways December 16, EasyJet December 22.

  • John Lewis- We plan to reduce the Christmas decorations on December 14th.

  • Christmas eve sale -50% off at Argos, The Body Shop, Boots, John Lewis, Matalan, M & S, Next.

How to get additional discounts online

Here are his top tips to save even more:

  • Abandon the basket. Sign in online, add items to your basket, and then leave. Many retailers get back in touch to seduce you-often with discounts, voucher codes, or free delivery.

  • Camel Camel Use Camel: This website allows you to track Amazon prices. This will help you find the cheapest deal.

  • Use Price Spy: This site is useful for price comparisons-just enter what you are shopping for and it will show you all your options.

  • Avoid gift cards. If they expire and your business collapses, you will lose your card altogether.

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Martin Lewis predicts best Black Friday and Christmas sales ahead of retail explosion

Source link Martin Lewis predicts best Black Friday and Christmas sales ahead of retail explosion

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