Medical income for 2020/21 is only £ 165 per patient-including payments for PCN and COVID-19

According to official NHS Digital data, the clinic received £ 159.61 per patient from standard GP contracting activities in 2020/21. This is an increase of 2.7% from £ 155.47 in the previous fiscal year.

According to figures such as network leadership role, support, workforce with reimbursement schemes for additional roles, care home premium payments, extended access and investment, and impact on fund income, due to the work of PCN, Patient 1 An additional £ 4.74 per person was brought in.

COVID-19 confirmed about 75% of the vaccines provided by the clinical team during the pandemic, supported vaccination campaign payments and labor payments, and provided only 84p per patient, the data said. is showing.

GP medical funds

In the United Kingdom, by the end of March 2021, approximately 25 million people had received at least one COVID-19 jab, but it took time for payments to reach practice. GPonline Reported in March Many practices have not yet received some of the payments made in February for vaccination work...

NHS England said it paid £ 70 million worth of payments to the PCN vaccination site in February, but data on payments for fiscal year 2020 practices is COVID-19 for the entire fiscal year 2020. Shows related payments-from April 2020 to March 2021-totals only £ 51.3 million.

In terms of overall funding, the total NHS payments for general practice in 2020/21 were over £ 10 billion, or about £ 9.7 billion, excluding PCN and COVID-19 payments.

QOF revenues for general practitioners protected during the pandemic remained almost unchanged from the previous fiscal year in 2020/21, totaling just over £ 720m. GP Practice received a £ 805m facility payment in 2020/21. This is down from £ 833.5 in 2019/20.

GP workload

The numbers come from the latest data on GP bookings revealing that the workload of practice continues to skyrocket as the UK heads into the winter. Given the COVID-19 appointments, British practice provided approximately 34 million appointments in October alone.

Currently, about two-thirds of appointments are made face-to-face, and that percentage is even higher when taking into account contact with patients associated with COVID-19.

GP practice is currently in the middle of a five-year contract that began in 2019, with a fixed increase in funds each year of the contract. GP leaders are calling for renegotiations to enable NHS staff to offer salary increases that are worth more than the salary increases built into the five-year contract.

Medical income for 2020/21 is only £ 165 per patient-including payments for PCN and COVID-19

Source link Medical income for 2020/21 is only £ 165 per patient-including payments for PCN and COVID-19

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