Meet the sponsors who will support the future of Greater Birmingham

Apprentices represent the future, from personal growth of individuals to growth of businesses and industries.

The Greater Birmingham Apprenticeship Awards 2021 honors the best and best learners, training providers, and employers who support their success.

On a special night Thursday, November 11 At Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham.This year’s event Greater Birmingham Ladder, Initiative Aimed to create hundreds of new apprentices Headlines in and sponsored by Birmingham and Solihull Employment of Sandwell College Gateway 2..

Tickets are £ 65 each, or 10 £ 650 tables including a welcome drink and a 3-course dinner. Click to book here..

Follow the hashtag # GBAA21 The latest information on social media.

This year’s dedicated awards ceremony sponsors are passionate about rewarding everyone involved in the apprenticeship process. Without their support Greater Birmingham Apprenticeship Awards 2021 You can’t do it and the necessary gratitude is impossible.

See those details below …

This year’s small employers (1-50 staff)

BT Is the UK’s leading telecommunications and network provider and a leading provider of global telecommunications services and solutions. BT Group, including Openreach, is one of the UK’s largest private apprentice employers and was ranked 4th in the UK’s Top 100 Apprentice Employers in October 2020.

Sarah Walker, director of BT’s enterprise business in North and Midland, said: “BT is the center of the UK’s digital economy and, as a major apprentice employer, offers great career and development opportunities.

“I firmly believe in the value of apprenticeship, Proud supporters of small businessesWe are pleased to be able to sponsor the Small Employer of the Year category at this year’s Awards. “

Medium Employer of the Year (51-249 staff),

Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEPIts mission is to promote economic growth in the Greater Birmingham and Solihull regions, create jobs and improve the quality of life for all residents. Local Enterprise Partnership was founded in 2010 as a partnership of business, public sector and higher education leaders. A collaborative, business-focused approach allows organizations to target interventions that maximize the benefits to everyone in the community and the local economy.

Large company of the year (more than 250 staff)

BCTG We aim to develop better human resources by helping to provide the best learning solutions possible.Group companies BCTG Ltd, PTP Training Ltd, Eurosource Solutions, and some partners, FutureEPAO and Apprenticeship, It provides a one-stop shop that allows individuals and businesses to realize their potential.

Mike Smith, Head of Business Development at BCTG, said: “BCTG is proud to be a supporter of the Ladder in Birmingham. We are active partners of the Ladder Foundation in both Birmingham and Black Country. I personally have won the award for the second consecutive year.”

Women's headshots, men on the podium, men's headshots
From left: Sarah Walker of BT Enterprise, Kevin Davis of The Ladder Foundation, Mike Smith of BCTG

Training Provider of the Year

Established in the 1990s Greater Birmingham and Solihull Training Provider Network Is a selective and informal group of executives from locally-based, government-funded, business-based learning providers. The network brings together over 20 quality-approved training providers and is run by experienced directors of the sector. It enables collaboration, more audience platforms, and educational events.

Chair Noel Dunne said: “The Greater Birmingham Apprenticeship Awards help add value to the local economy and promote good vocational training opportunities throughout the region. Show young people, their families and professionals that apprenticeships are feasible. It’s the route to start your career of choice, and the Greater Birmingham & Solihal Training Provider Network is proud to sponsor this award again this year. “

Education Engagement Award

Ladder Foundation We want to support employers and apprentices in Staffordshire, Black Country, Shropshire and Greater Birmingham to maximize the skills development opportunities and other benefits of apprenticeship.

Kevin Davis, CEO of The Vine Trust Group and Chair of The Ladder Foundation, said:

“Given the breadth of talent, the judging was very tough, but I’m sure we made the right final decision. I believe we will agree when we meet in person. Events like this are important for raising awareness and self-confidence in the community’s resilient response to our resilience efforts. “

This year’s apprenticeship: health, education, care

Birmingham Metropolitan College Is a large further educational university with approximately 16,000 learners and three main campuses based in Birmingham. Offering a broad curriculum includes A-level and professional qualifications. apprentice, Access to higher education, part-time adult professional development, entry-level courses, and full-time and part-time degree-level learning programs.

The Susie branch of the Vice-Principal for External Development said: “We are always looking forward to the Greater Birmingham Apprentice Award. We are a large FE College Group in Birmingham and we work with many local employers.

“These awards give us the opportunity to really scream about the wonderful work we are doing with them and our students to support the growth and prosperity of the local economy.”

This year’s apprenticeship: Construction and real estate industry

Quick Is a ROAPT-approved, ESFA-approved, quality learner and industry-focused apprenticeship provider.that Provide support For talented individuals who want to pursue a career in childcare and education, digital marketing and continuous improvement.

Greg Morrall, Managing Director, said: My passion for celebrating the many positives that the sector and apprentices offer. On behalf of me and Swift’s apprentice, I wish you all the best of luck. “

click here Tickets for the Greater Birmingham Apprenticeship Awards 2021 Thursday, November 11 At Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham.

This year’s apprenticeship: Engineering and manufacturing

South & City College Is a vocational school that offers students part-time, full-time, and apprenticeship courses in a variety of subjects from level 1 to higher education.

Rebecca Waterfield, Deputy Director of Employer Engagement and Apprenticeship, said: We are dedicated to providing students with the right skills to become future engineers and meeting the needs of current and approaching skills in the industry.

“These awards are a great opportunity to celebrate the illustrious achievements of engineering apprentices in our region and emphasize the importance of developing talent to meet future skill needs.”

The university’s engineering offerings have become stronger and stronger in the last few years, and through its unique partnership with the University of Birmingham, it has a clear path from entry level to full degree.

3 male headshots, 2 black and white, and 1 female headshot
From left: Rebecca Waterfield in South & City College, Greg Morrall in Swift, Fraser Ingham in Skillsfirst, Amarjit Sahota in Birmingham City Council

This year’s apprenticeship: Professional service

Birmingham City Council Is one of the largest employers in Birmingham, with more than 11,000 staff supporting 1.1 million citizens, Birmingham is the UK’s largest municipality. Its purpose is to make Birmingham a city of growth. There, all children, citizens and places are important. One of the essential ways to achieve this goal is to provide apprenticeship opportunities and entry-level employment.

Amarjit Sahota, Cultural Change Manager, said: Attract more major companies to the region. This will increase the opportunities for residents to prosper to secure new career paths and employment. “

This year’s apprenticeship: Technology, digital and creative industries

Not just the award headline sponsor Sandwell University It is also a category sponsor. We are an avid supporter of apprentices and work with key employers throughout the region who specialize in different disciplines.

Gateway 2 Employment, the university’s employer services and recruitment department, is a partner in apprenticeship, skills solutions, and commercial training. An experienced advisor who manages the entire process has extensive knowledge of the industry.

Sanjeev Gill, Head of Engagement at Sandwell University, said of the award ceremony: And we want it to be known throughout the region. We welcome apprentices from all over the city and want to celebrate their success. “

Greater Birmingham Apprentice of the Year

Skill first Focuses on high quality solutions for learning and apprenticeship. To ensure that apprentices have the opportunity to achieve the best results, we offer the Ofqual regulatory awarding organization, Skillsfirst Awards, and the endpoint evaluation organization, SkillsfirstAssess.

Fraser Ingham, Director of Sales and Marketing, said: A commitment from employers and providers to support apprentices.

“As a regulated award and endpoint evaluation organization, apprenticeships are at the heart of everything we do and we are once again pleased to be able to support these awards in 2021.”

Our event drink sponsors PTP training The sponsor of the pamphlet Make the UK..

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  • Greater Birmingham Apprenticeship Awards 2021 Thursday, November 11 At Edgbaston Stadium in Birmingham. Follow hashtag # GBAA21 for the latest information on social media.

Greater Birmingham Ladder Campaign launched in the summer of 2018 By bringing candidates and training providers together with their employers, we aim to create new apprenticeships in Birmingham and Solihull.

We have been working with Ladder to support the project from day one as a media partner and organizer of the annual Apprenticeship Awards.

Other stakeholders include Vine Trust, Performance Through People, Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP, Birmingham and Solihull Training Provider Network, and West Midlands Combined Authority.

Visit to participate in the campaign And read everything Here is our previous coverage. You can contact the ladder team 03332 409 699 Or by email

Meet the sponsors who will support the future of Greater Birmingham

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