Meet two men hunting impersonating police officers to enter the Barking Flat


Oris Hunting two male Person disguised as police board member Swing a baton to enter a woman’s house.

In the viral footage, a woman recorded a man escaping from a residential area in Shaftesbury. Barking When she requested an ID at 7 pm on Tuesday.

Victims reported that the pair wore a crude uniform, including a hat, harness, and “baton” (baton), and said they were there to search for the property.

She allowed them admission before becoming suspicious and asked them to verify their ID that they couldn’t create.

Two forensic gloves desperately talk to a fake walkie-talkie to convince a woman that she is a real police officer seeking backup.

One of the fake policemen says that after a woman is chased from an elevator, she “sells drugs and sells cannabis” as she walks down the stairs.

Sheep-like pairs try to hide their faces under their simulated police hats.

Residents accused them of trying to steal her phone when she kicked them out of the skyscrapers in the direction of Abbey Road.

A real police officer attended and conducted an area search, but could not find a pair.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art said nothing was believed to have been stolen from the address and there were no reports of physical injuries.

Police advised those who were concerned about the credibility of the police.

Meet guidance to verify the identity of police officers

Unfortunately, fraudsters can impersonate police officers, both directly and by phone, to trick people into providing personal information and steal money.

If you are contacted directly by a police officer, you will be presented with a police warrant card. This is proof of their identity and authority.

Remember if you’re not sure if the person you’re dealing with is a real police officer – stop – and call us 101 Confirm their identities.

Always call 999 in an emergency.

Government ministers and Scotland Yard have responded to violence against women and girls after a series of suggestions on what the public should do if police officers fear they are not acting legally. He was accused of showing a bad reaction.

Other advice, such as yelling at passers-by, rushing into the house, knocking on the door, and calling 999, was also heavily criticized.

The unit also said that those who stopped by the police could ask the radio operator to listen and talk and ask about the whereabouts of their colleagues. Where did they come from, why they were there, and why they stopped and talked.

Old Bailey is a plainclothes police officer after hearing off-duty, ununiformed PC Weinkusen use blockade rules and show his police card to accidentally arrest Ms. Everlard during abduction. I promised not to place it myself.

Police would like to talk to the two men in the picture and ask someone who has information to help them call 101 ref CAD 6640/12 Oct.

Information can be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers at 0800 555 111 or via

Meet two men hunting impersonating police officers to enter the Barking Flat

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