Merton Local Elections 2022: Labor Party

Merton is still under the control of workers after the 2022 local elections.

A total of 57 seats were contested at Merton.

Colliers Wood, Cricket Green, Figge’s Marsh, Graveney, Lavender Fields, Longthornton, Pollards Hill, Ravensbury and St Helier have all been successful workers.

The Liberal Democratic Party came in second with 17 seats, 26% of the votes cast.

Conservatives won only 6 seats, 25% of the votes.

The monastery and the ward of Wandle were divided between the Liberal Democratic Party and the Labor Party.

The Cannon Hill and Hillside districts were also divided into the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.

The Merton Council has announced on Twitter that the Lower Morden ward will need a third recount.

This will take place today (May 6th) at 2:00 pm.

The breakdown of the results at Merton is as follows.

Monastery: Labor Party and Liberal Democratic Party

Cannon Hill: Liberal Democratic Party and Conservative Party

Colliers Wood: Labor

Cricket Green: Labor

Fiji’s Marsh: Labor

Cemetery: Labor

Hillside: Liberal Democratic Party and Conservative Party

Lavender field: Labor

Long Thornton: Labor

Merton Park: Independent Residents of Merton Park

Polars Hill: Labor

Raynes Park: LDP

Saint Helier: Labor

village: conservatives

Wandle: Liberal Democratic Party and Labor Party

West Barns: LDP

Wimbledon Park: LDP

Wimbledon Town and Earl of Dundonald: LDP

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Merton Local Elections 2022: Labor Party

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