MET Gala 2021 Red Carpet

Aurora James on the backlash of AOC dress

Not everyone took AOCThe political statement is kind and the ticket costs about $ 33,000 per person as Bronx natives were torn to attend the Elite Met Gala.

September 14th, James CNNSupports AOC’s decision to wear a dress at an elite event.

“Well, listen, I think many of these conversations we have about financial justice usually happen in spaces with working class people.

“And I think lawmakers will never sacrifice her morals for comfort, and she must make this message more free in the room and ultimately their financial value. I also wanted to make sure it was brought to a group of people who had to, “James told the outlet.

“I think that’s what we did. To be honest, she would have been wearing a cute gown without attending and delivering a message to people.

“Fashion is often considered this frivolous thing, but in the end it’s used by my brand and many other designers as a very powerful tool for communication, especially for women of color. “I do,” she added.

MET Gala 2021 Red Carpet

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