Met Office issues yellow weather warning in London

Tonight, rain, lightning, lightning, and hail weather warnings have been issued in southern London.

The Met Office issued a yellow warning against thunderstorms from noon today to 9 pm tonight.

Drivers warn that this afternoon and evening trips can be disruptive and can lead to public transport delays.

A weather forecast spokesman said:

“Some homes and businesses can be flooded, as well as some buildings and structures damaged by lightning strikes, which can result in short-term power losses.

“It is expected that heavy showers and thunderstorms will occur in the south and east of England this afternoon.

“A downpour can bring about 20 mm of rain within an hour, 30-40 mm of rain in a few hours in some places, and flooding of surface water in some places. ”

What to expect

  • Driving conditions are affected by standing water and hail, which can increase travel time by car or bus.
  • Service training may be delayed
  • Floods of some homes and businesses can occur
  • Short-term power losses can occur, as well as damage to some buildings and structures from lightning strikes.

Weather forecast for London and southeast England


Early clouds with sunny days and occasional heavy showers.


Early clouds that break through the day as some bright or sunny spells develop and the wind softens. A shower developed in the afternoon and was heavy in places, probably a thunderstorm. Maximum temperature 22 ℃.


It’s pretty cloudy overnight, and more obvious spells are limited. Evening showers are largely declining and most of them are dry, but it is possible to have one or two rains. Minimum temperature 13 ℃.


Several rains can occur in the morning, producing bright or sunny spells, before the early morning clouds break and rise. Rain showers occurred again by the afternoon and were occasionally heavy. Maximum temperature 21 ℃.

Monday-Wednesday outlook:

Mondays are often cloudy and showery, but there are also sunny days. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are likely to be dry, with sunny days, changing clouds, and strange showers.

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Met Office issues yellow weather warning in London

Source link Met Office issues yellow weather warning in London

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