Metropolitan Police defends tactics used against Hungarian fans | England

The Metropolitan Police Department defended their tactics in a fierce conflict with Hungary Wembley fans on Tuesday night. Video footage showed a police officer being kicked and beaten when the baton withdrew from a remote location after being racistly abused by travel assistance.

Police said the withdrawal was tactical and followed the arrest of the suspect. They then confirmed that six were arrested and three were arrested inside the stadium. One was a racially exacerbated crime and two were arrested on suspicion of misery.

The reaction of the Metropolitan Museum of Art came when Fifa announced that he had begun disciplinary action in connection with an event in England. World Cup Qualifying and said it strongly condemned violence.

A spokesperson for Met said: In this case, it was imperative to detain the arrested suspect. Police officers withdrew when the suspect was taken away.

“Other suspects involved in the violence against officers were identified and arrested at tactically appropriate times. Post-event investigations have begun.”

Hungary is currently working on a ban on a stadium that was suspended due to fan action at the Reverse Fixture in Budapest last month. After FIFA fined the Hungarian Football Federation England Players were racially abused during a 4-0 victory.

Hungarian fans may be asked about the decision to allow them to travel to Wembley. At Wembley, there was also a banner criticizing how to take the knee.

The mayhem returns to Wembley’s security. The turmoil at EURO 2020 Thousands of ticketless fans now have access to the chaotic finals and scenes off the ground.

Uefa has confirmed that a disciplinary hearing on the July 11th event will be held on Monday. The hearing can take up to two days, and as a result, UK FAs may also be subject to a stadium ban, forcing them to play at least one Uefa match in a closed room.

Metropolitan Police defends tactics used against Hungarian fans | England

Source link Metropolitan Police defends tactics used against Hungarian fans | England

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