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Mexican drug cartel kidnaps five children after “recruiting them through video games”

5 children Kidnapped By mexican drag Cartel after being hired by an organization online Video game..

police Officers from Oaxaca, in the south of the country, managed to rescue the boy on Saturday.

Five young people between the ages of 12 and 15 were hired by a 13-year-old who works on behalf of the Northeast Cartel.

Formed in 2014 by disgruntled members of the infamous violent Los Zeta, the Northeast Cartel targeted boys in the WhatsApp group linked to the Garena Free Fire multiplayer game.

The victim was then taken from the municipal home of Tracorla de Matamoro and moved to a safe home to be taught by the cartel.

Police finally found the boys in a cartel safehouse

But when one of the boy’s suffering parents found a letter left by his son, the trafficker’s plans failed.

The letter stated that he was on an 800-mile journey to the northern city of Monterey and was sending a lot of cash to his house.

Police were warned and managed to ping the boys’ cell phones to the bus stop where they bought the north ticket, according to local media outlets.

Mexican drug cartel kidnaps five children after
Recruiters made friends with them in online video games

Police found them in a safe house in the city of Santa Lucia del Camino. There, a woman claimed that the boy had just come to a birthday party. She was arrested and could be prosecuted in front of a judge within a few days.

Two boys identified as Dan Aguilar and Yess Avendagno, both 12 people.

Avedano’s mother went to social media on Sunday to explain exactly how her son was hired and that her first encounter with a boy working in a cartel took place at a video game shop a few weeks ago. I made it clear.

Mexican drug cartel kidnaps five children after
A boy’s mom explained that the recruiter showed them money

She states: “This kid is always showing him up to 10,000 pesos (£ 355) and will tell him he made it work.

“That boy met them there and suggested things to them all in video games.

“This kid invited me to play them yesterday [Saturday] And they picked up the phone when they all got together and brought it from Tracorla.

“While there, they were allowed to talk to their parents only once and then hung up.”

Mexican drug cartel kidnaps five children after
A woman has been arrested on the scene and will stand in front of a judge in the coming days

Authorities are not yet aware of whether other children in Oaxaca have been adopted by the Northeastern Cartel, but the cartel for young boys is not a new phenomenon.

Like most modern Mexican cars, the northeastern cartel engages in blackmail, trafficking, bribery, and drug trafficking.

The group is currently in the midst of a bloody war between Los Zetas and the Gulf Cartel to rule Tamaulipas, so they need new employees.

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Mexican drug cartel kidnaps five children after "recruiting them through video games"

Source link Mexican drug cartel kidnaps five children after "recruiting them through video games"

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