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MI6 Chief wants help from global technology sector to combat cyber threats

UK intelligence agencies need to accept cooperation with the global technology sector to counter the rise of cyber threats from hostile nations, criminals and terrorists, MI6 officials warn.

Richard Moore says the pace of technological advancement from artificial intelligence to quantum computing means that government agencies can no longer simply devise their own solutions to address the challenge.

In a rare public speech, he will admit that this meant a “sea change” in the culture of his organization, which traditionally prioritized secrets above all else.

But in a speech to the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, he would say they are facing the paradox that they “must be more open to keep secrets.”

He is expected to say: “We can’t expect to recreate the global tech industry, so we need to take advantage of it. Unlike Bond movie Q, we can’t do everything in-house.

“Because we have traditionally relied primarily on our own capabilities to develop world-class technologies that need to be kept secret and delivered against our mission, MI6’s culture, spirit, and It is not possible to fully emphasize what kind of sea change this is in the way we work. “

Moore, known as C in Whitehall, would say that while technological advances have the potential to bring significant benefits, it’s his job to look at the “threat side of the ledger.” ..

“MI6 treats the world as it is, not as we want,” he says, according to a preliminary excerpt from the speech. “And the threats of criminals, terrorists, and nations in the’digital attack surface’that they are trying to exploit against us are growing exponentially.

“Several assessments show that over the next decade, we will see more technological advances than in the last century, which could have the same devastating impact as the Industrial Revolution.

“As a society, we have not yet internalized this harsh fact and its potential impact on global geopolitics, but it is the heated focus of MI6.”

Mastering artificial intelligence is the goal of MI6

Moore, who took office as chief in October 2020, said that in order to attract the talent needed, organizations need to be as diversified as the society in which they are drawn.

“Our enemies are devoting money and ambition to mastering artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and synthetic biology. Knowing that mastering these techniques will empower them. Because there is, “he says. “Intelligence services need to be a pioneer in what is technically possible.

“This is not new. What is new is that we are currently pursuing partnerships with the tech community to solve our biggest mission issues, as well as MI5 and GCHQ issues. We support the development of world-class technology. “

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MI6 Chief wants help from global technology sector to combat cyber threats

Source link MI6 Chief wants help from global technology sector to combat cyber threats

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