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Mid and East Antrim Council Boss “After a complaint is filed, I take a break from work due to stress”

Ann Donergy, the boss of the struggling council, is absent from sick leave work due to stress after many complaints against her.

It is also understood that the prominent CEO of the Mid and East Antrim Autonomous Region Council has also filed numerous complaints against her employer.

Legal advice is sought after her Sudden absence, A source told Belfast Live.

It is unclear when Ms. Donergy will return to senior positions in the municipality and has faced some controversy in recent months.

The council is currently considering an emergency response plan that includes who will intervene during her indefinite absence.

Party group leaders will meet with senior officials on Friday afternoon to discuss issues and meet again next week.

Donaghy has been the CEO of the Council since its inception under the Local Government Reform in 2014-15 and was awarded the OBE for services to this sector last year.

Just a few weeks ago, she enjoyed the awards ceremony for Mid and East Antrim to scoop silver in the British Council of the Year category.

Her unexpected absence is the result of months of controversy over the controversial decision of the February Council to temporarily dismiss Brexit staff from the port of Larn.

damn you Staumont The Commission’s report criticized some “quality and credibility” of the council’s evidence because of “some contradictions and contradictions.”

Donergy was also faced with a call to resign A divisive letter she sent to the British government On the advice of three Democrats who raise concerns about the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The council earlier this month Browse public service watchdog He claims to have “misunderstood” the MLA investigation and “suppressed” the information.

And last week, trade union Nypsa launched a survey of workers in the Mid and East Antrim Council to investigate allegations of “bullying and harassment.”

In a statement earlier this week, a council spokesman said, “The council has not commented on staffing issues and should not draw inferences from this.”

Last month, Mr. Donergy appeared “Seeking independent legal advice” About the report of the Staumont Agricultural Commission regarding the withdrawal of port staff.

Donaghy also issued a legal letter threatening to file a proceeding against those who claim to be involved in an online campaign against her.

Agricultural Commission considered decision by Minister DUP Edwin Poots A council that temporarily dismisses staff from Larn and Belfast ports.

The withdrawal followed safety concerns that it threatened graffiti, but questions were raised when police said there was no evidence of a “trustworthy threat” or the involvement of Loyalist paramilitary organizations.

Commission report found The withdrawal was disproportionate and “definitely contributed to the heightened tensions” over the Protocol.

The MLA opposed Mr. Donergy’s claim that her letter to the Cabinet Office was “irrelevant” to their investigation, and when the council first submitted evidence, “it did not disclose the correspondence. It was a misjudgment. “

The council previously stated that the temporary withdrawal of staff from the Port of Larn was a “unanimous cross-party decision made by the council to prioritize the health, safety and well-being of council staff.” rice field.

Mr Donergy’s letter to the British government also claimed to be “not political in nature” and was shared with relevant civil servants “regardless of political party or persuasion.”

Mid and East Antrim Council Boss "After a complaint is filed, I take a break from work due to stress"

Source link Mid and East Antrim Council Boss "After a complaint is filed, I take a break from work due to stress"

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