Milene class highlighting the “dark secret” of miscarriage in documentary

Mileen Class stands in front of a documentary that sheds light on the “big dark secret” of miscarriage.

Singer and TV star, 43, faces a “taboo” problem on UKTV Channel W’s Myleene Klass: Miscarriage & Me.

Her daughter Ava and her hero, and her son Apollo’s mother, have experienced four miscarriages and have spoken out about the psychological consequences of losing a baby on women.

She said, “I think I needed to make this because I needed to see this. After a miscarriage, I have to try to find some answers, peace, and solidarity with those who have experienced it. Didn’t. You just don’t want to feel lonely because the decisive feeling of miscarriage is loneliness.

“It’s a time in my life when I find it very difficult to find a woman who hasn’t had a miscarriage. I made this movie and there are a lot of women around me who have had a miscarriage. I realized that while we can know so much about their lives, can we not know what they are and what they are shaping?

“Miscarriage still feels taboo. I want to help make these conversations a little easier. It can’t continue to be the big dark secret we have to carry.”

The documentary will show the class’s diary for the first time in a movie during that period, following a campaign led by Tommy’s, a pregnancy charity, seeking better support for women who have experienced a miscarriage.

She will also meet with close friends and family, as well as women across the country discussing her own experiences of losing a baby.

Last October, a former Here Say singer said she had suffered four miscarriages and hoped to share her experience to help “one lost soul.”

In a post nationwide commemorating the day of baby loss / miscarriage, she wrote on Instagram:

“I found out after my MC that I searched the internet for peace and peace of mind, similar to me. I hope this helps one lost soul. I will. “

Hillary Rosen, Deputy Director of Commissioning for UKTV, said:

“We are very grateful to Milene for exploring her lifelong heritage in a very personal, raw and honest manner. I hope this film will be a catalyst for a bigger conversation.”

Tim Green, Executive Producer of Hall of Mirrors, an executive producer based in Cardiff, said: By so many women.

“My Lean speaks honestly and openly to break the taboo about miscarriage.”

Myleene: Miscarriage & Me will air on W during October’s Baby Loss Awareness Week.

Milene class highlighting the “dark secret” of miscarriage in documentary

Source link Milene class highlighting the “dark secret” of miscarriage in documentary

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