Mindshare shuffles leadership and reveals “good growth” positioning

Mindshare unveiled on Tuesday its “good growth” position as a new brand that promotes diverse and sustainable investment that helps business and the world.

With this new positioning, Mindshare is not only the media that produces the most reach with the lowest CPM, but also the media that supports quality journalism, has data ethics at its core, and emphasizes the undervalued voice in the media ecosystem. I want to direct my client’s investment to.

“Consumers demand more and expectations are changing,” said Adam Geerhardt, Global CEO of Mindshare. “Brands need to change their mindset, and companies need to change their behavior, to be honest.”

The new value proposition is supported by a series of leadership changes in mindshare.

Nilfer Fowler, Global Chief Growth Officer, will take on the new role of Global Chief Client Officer and leverage the capabilities of Mindshare, GroupM and WPP to support client needs.Mindshare leverages more tools and talent across holding companies, including WPP’s new data unit Choreography, Support the needs of bespoke clients.

“In the future, the needs of our clients will be as diverse as the components they serve, which means we need to leverage skill sets that go beyond the reach of one agency,” he says. I did. “It is becoming more and more standard and mandatory.”

In the process, Tom Johnson, Chief Digital Officer of Mindshare Worldwide, joins the new role of Global Chief Solutions Officer, formulates strategies between agencies, and changes Mindshare’s business transformation consulting unit. You will be leading. Mindshare helps clients define what good growth will look like to them and create a roadmap to achieve it.

“By doubling consulting, we can talk to our clients about upstream transformation agendas, organizational design, market approaches and strategies,” Gerhart said.

Several promotions will shift Mindshare USA’s leadership to a global role.This is the promoted Gerhart Global CEO He became a member of Mindshare from the US CEO in December, marking his mark on the global leadership team.

Shane McAndrew, Chief Data Strategy Officer at Mindshare USA, will be Global Chief Data Strategy and Analytics Officer. Chief Development Officer Dan Reaume will assume the role of Global Chief Growth Officer. Chief Institute Officer Joe Maceda becomes Global Chief Innovation Officer.

Oliver Joyce, Head of MindShare Worldwide in the United States, will become Global Chief Transformation Officer and work closely with clients using change units.

There are also changes internationally. Helen McRae, CEO of EMEA, has become APACCEO of Mindshare and the agency is looking for a replacement in the region.

Finally, Kristina Palmer Shedd joined Mindshare as Global Chief Human Resources Officer from Publicis Sapient and held an important position as an agency. Face a talent crisis Scramble to attract and maintain staff. Mindshare involves adopting a wider variety of hiring and hiring practices, such as using AI to anonymize resume names and remove implicit bias.

“Employees want to not only support their careers, but also work in places that represent something more,” says Gerhart. “We are seeing a departure from large organizations whose sole purpose is to make money. Good growth is also a suggestion faced by employees.”

As Mindshare embodies its new value prop, it begins a “much more strategic” conversation with clients that “much more focused on the intent behind the media, not just the trading side of the media.” ..

Clients who treat media agencies as execution vendors and often ask them to score the cheapest CPM in the highest amount are beginning to embrace alternative ideas that support good mindshare growth proposals, Gerhardt said. Stated. WPP companies include Inclusion Private Marketplace and Data ethics compass, This will be incorporated into the planning process of government agencies.

“”[In] By choosing between a cheap impression of tonnage or a plan that fits your agenda, we support your ambitions and provide better, more sustainable growth every time. The client says, “Please give me a second media plan.”

Mindshare shuffles leadership and reveals “good growth” positioning

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