Minimum wage for NHS social care required to prevent staff retirement

NHS leaders have urged the government to implement a national care worker minimum wage of £ 10.50 per hour because the service is struggling to maintain staff.

Unless they have risen above the hourly wages seen in many other industries, including those paid to staff working in the retail sector that have overtaken wage social care in recent years, the UK social care sector will “bleed. The staff warns that they will continue. “

The NHS Confederation has warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson that their social care counterparts do not have “financial margins to cope with the labor market pressures they face.”

Health leaders are afraid to do impossible jobs as social care colleagues are tied up behind wages to fill huge staff vacancies against the backdrop of a cost crisis. I am.

They also say about the real risk that the more competitive levels of wages that the NHS offers for similar roles may see an ever-expanding gap in compensation between health and social care. I’m warning you.

According to the Union, 10 years ago, the average hourly wage of certified care workers was 13p higher than that of workers in the sales and retail sectors. But by last year this had plummeted, and due to the opposite trend in wages, social care workers were paid about 21p less than those working in supermarkets.

NHS leaders believe that the lack of staff available for social care services will further worsen the waiting time for medical services and further increase the demand for NHS services.

The coalition said the government had previously acknowledged the need for a workforce strategy for social care, which was needed in February 2022. Listed certified care workers To support recruitment abroad, but this was not enough to prevent a large number of social care staff from leaving the service.

Matthew Taylor Appointed Chief Executive Officer of NHS Confederation Last aprilSaid that there was a risk of serious damage to the social care sector without change. Risk of irreparable damage to the sector.

“The effects of this increasing pressure have already been seen across the NHS, and the lack of social care in the community has resulted in a large number of patients being hospitalized longer than necessary.

“We fully fund this increase in the minimum wage to be distributed through local governments, the funds are at the forefront, do not affect the cost of self-funded care, and these tight staffing. There is an urgent need for governments to take decisive action to mitigate these challenges. “

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Minimum wage for NHS social care required to prevent staff retirement

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