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Minister demands that schools be “flexible” in uniforms as students in cold classes

Education Minister Michel McKilvan said schools could anticipate learning turmoil in the coming weeks due to the prevalence of Omicron variants.

In a letter renewing Northern Ireland’s parents COVID pandemic, DUP Minister said executives have a common purpose of keeping schools “open and safe”.

She also told her parents that opening windows was the most effective way to help ventilate the classroom, and she added that she encouraged schools to be “flexible” with their unified policy. ..

She also said that emergency arrangements for the awarding of qualifications are in place. Teacher evaluation If you need to cancel the exam this summer.

McIlveen’s letter states:

“The number of cases for children and staff is likely to continue to reflect the number of cases in the community, and some confusion is expected in the coming weeks.

“My focus has been, and still is, to provide continuous education within our school for all children.

“I want to reassure you NI Executive Schools are the best place for children and young people, so they continue to have a common purpose of keeping schools safe and open. ”

Ms Ilveen said there was much debate about the importance of ventilation to reduce the risk of Covid.

She added: “I was advised by a health colleague that natural ventilation by opening windows is the only and most effective means.

“For example, even with an air filtration unit installed, the school cannot close the windows because natural ventilation is a top priority.

“Opening the windows regularly during this time will keep the classroom cool.

“The school will do its best to keep the classroom at the right temperature. I encouraged students to be flexible and adapt to a unified policy to ensure their comfort.”

Her letter further states that the school may not be able to continue to operate normally over the next few weeks.

She states: Self-quarantine It is also possible that a significant number of students will be absent.

“Schools have plans to address these issues, which means that your child may experience some changes on a normal school day.

“This requires the need to use more substitute teachers, prioritize the guidance of students sitting on major exams, or, in some cases, short-term distance learning until pressure is relieved. May include the need to move.

“I also asked my student teachers to provide additional support in the coming weeks.”

The minister said the GCSE and A levels are intended to advance this summer, but students will need to take “less exams.”

She continued. “If public health conditions change and public examinations must be revoked, I have agreed to an emergency arrangement of eligibility to be awarded at the discretion of the teacher, as in 2021.

“All of us young people will be able to qualify and move on to the next stage of education, employment, or training.”

Minister demands that schools be "flexible" in uniforms as students in cold classes

Source link Minister demands that schools be "flexible" in uniforms as students in cold classes

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