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Minister of DUP seeks Stormont Executive approval to continue NI protocol checks

A DUP The minister officially Staumont Executive to get permission to continue running Brexit Port check, with a move you can see him finally trying to stop them.

Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots said a recent court ruling relating to the functioning of Stormont’s delegated body would require broader executive approval for the checks required under the Northern Ireland Protocol. It says it means.

Officials in his department are currently conducting controversial checks and inspections on goods arriving from the United Kingdom.

The PA news agency understands that Mr. Putz has submitted a document requesting other ministers to consider this issue on Thursday’s executive meeting agenda.

He asked executives for retroactive approval to carry out checks from the date the Protocol came into force in January 2021 and continued permission to continue them.

DUP Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots (PA)

(PA archive)

If the issue is brought to the vote by the executive office, the DUP can use the veto to block the continuation of the check.

However, this issue is unlikely to be on the agenda. Sinn Féin Party Clarified to stop using veto.

If the Sinn Féin party blocks the issue from reaching the executive, Mr Putz has already indicated that he intends to suspend the check and claims that he has no legal authority to continue the check.

In his dissertation, Mr. Putz makes it clear that if executive approval is not received by January 27, he needs to reconsider whether he has the legal authority to continue the check. Is understood.

The Sinn Féin party disputed Mr. Putz’s legal interpretation of the matter.

Under Staumont’s rules, issues that are considered “important and controversial” need to be addressed by all power-sharing executives.

problem Those that cross the responsibilities of multiple departments must also be brought into the administration under the conditions of the Ministerial Code.

However, the Sinn Féin party claims that the executives had already made a decision on this issue in 2020 when Mr. Putz said he had agreed to be legally responsible for carrying out the check. ..

Michelle O’Neill, Deputy Prime Minister of the Sinn Féin Party, said Mr Putz’s one-sided move to stop checks is illegal and civil servants in his department will not be able to comply with such orders.

Standoffs can put Ministry of Agriculture civil servants in a very pesky position, with various Staumont ministers giving contrasting views on whether authorities can stop checks according to Mr Putz’s instructions. ..

If the check is suspended, the UK Government will be in conflict with its international obligations under the terms of the Brexit Agreement.

In such situations, the government can use that authority to order the resumption of the check.

But given that London is currently involved in intensive negotiations with Brussels to significantly reduce the number of checks required under the controversial protocol, it is politically unpleasant. You may be placed in a difficult position.

Minister of DUP seeks Stormont Executive approval to continue NI protocol checks

Source link Minister of DUP seeks Stormont Executive approval to continue NI protocol checks

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