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Missing Girls Sister wants information to “unleash us from pain” 40 years later

The family of the missing girl, who hasn’t been seen since disappearing 40 years ago, has renewed her heartfelt information appeal, saying, “Someone knows the answer that frees us from this pain.”

Katrice Lee’s sister, Natasha Walker, said living without siblings was the “most difficult thing” and urged anyone with information to move forward.

Katris hasn’t been seen since her second birthday on November 28, 1981.

She went shopping with her family at a supermarket near the British Army base in Paderborn, Germany, where her father Richard Lee served.

Successive appeals failed to produce information about Katris’s whereabouts.

Katris Lee

Walker, 47, describes the anniversary of his disappearance as follows:

“It’s the hardest thing to live without knowing it. It’s unforgiving to wonder if she’s alive or if something terrible has happened.

“What we can do is to live in the hope that someone reading this knows something and comes forward.”

She added: “Someone knows the answer that frees us from this pain we have.

“If you know something, please contact me.

“Help me take her home.

“Catrice, if you are reading this, we love you.”

Part of the nearby riverbank where Katris was last seen was excavated in 2018 as part of a new study, but nothing was found.

Katris Lee
Katris Lee

In 2019, a woman was sentenced to imprisonment with suspended sentence after setting up a Facebook profile impersonating Katrice.

Military police also arrested a man in connection with his disappearance and began searching for a terraced house in Swindon, Wiltshire. The man was later released without charge.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Boris Johnson agreed to ask Hartlepool Conservative Jill Mortimer to meet with her member Lee and discuss the “father-to-father” case. bottom.

Katris was finally seen wearing a blue duffle coat with a hood of green fur, green and blue pinafore dresses, a red wellley, and a white blouse with a blue collar and cuffs.

If you have any information, please text the missing person helpline to 116 000 or +44 208 392 4545 or email 116000 @

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Missing Girls Sister wants information to "unleash us from pain" 40 years later

Source link Missing Girls Sister wants information to "unleash us from pain" 40 years later

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