MoD’s new Defense Innovation Center in Dorset reaches a major milestone

The first building was completed on the grounds of the Dorset Defense Initiative. The building aims to create 90 jobs and boost the £ 4m regional economy in 10 years.

With a £ 5.7 million Defense Innovation Center in Dorset Innovation Park, a county’s enterprise zone near Dorchester, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) is working directly with SMEs, academic institutions, and a wide range of industries for the future.

The engineering workshop space used by the Army, known as the “Army Battle Lab,” was the first building completed for a project that was a collaboration between MoD, the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), and the Dorset Council. ..

Defense personnel will begin using 1,100 square meters of new office space and facilities, including conference and conference facilities, later this year.

Brigadier General Matt Kansdale, responsible for the Army’s future unit development, said the facility was the “center” of the Army’s plans to prepare for the digital age.

Brigadier General Cansdale said: “Despite the recent turmoil, we are pleased that the Army and Defense Battle Labs are on track to complete this year as well.

“This reflects a huge amount of excellent collaboration from all partners in this project, demonstrating strong relationships and commitments from the entire team.

“The completion of this workshop is an important stepping stone and we can start using the facility for the intended purpose of engaging with the industry in a more collaborative way.”

Dorset also has MoD facilities such as Bobbington’s Army Armor Testing and Development Unit, which is the base of the Royal Corps of Signals in Blandford, and Larworth Cove’s training area, which is used by all elements of the British Army.

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Dorset LEP Chair Cecilia Bufton said the organization will work with the council, local businesses and academia to help the Army grow a “very innovative corporate ecosystem.”

Buffton said: “Dorset LEP is committed to unleashing the skills of future employees to support initiatives such as the Defense Battle Lab.

“If there is synergies between other sectors, we strive to foster this initiative by promoting and encouraging communication in the inter-sectoral and regional education systems.

“This initiative is included in the regional industrial strategy and Dorset investment prospectus. We look forward to connecting our regional networks to support the Army’s willingness to innovate.”

MoD’s new Defense Innovation Center in Dorset reaches a major milestone

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