Moissanite Rings: Read Before You Buy!

There has been an increasing trend in moissanite use in the jewelry industry. This precious stone makes all kinds of jewelry products such as moissanite rings and necklaces. Therefore, welcome to the world of moissanite and learn the best there is in the jewelry market. However, there are several things to learn about this precious gem, which is at your disposal.

Today, there is a wide collection of moissanite rings, thanks to their quality and affordability. You have access to a wide range of styles and moissanite ring designs. Most importantly, you can get custom solutions that match your specific ring tastes and preferences. Therefore, there is a lot to study about moissanite to help you use it for the best experience.

Everything about Moissanite and its products

 More than learning about moissanite rings, an understanding of the gemstone is vital. The stone’s superior qualities are the reason why it has been a great choice for making moissanite rings. So, what is so special about moissanite in the making of rings? Here is what you should know: –

 Moissanite produces its best qualities if jewelers handle it in the right manner. Therefore, its cut is very important. It is responsible for its brightness and sparkling quality. The fire and brilliance of gemstones depend on their refractive indices. This stems from how the stone is cut. The stone’s sparkle is the most noticeable feature. Therefore, the cut matters a lot to any jewelry piece.

 Most of the moissanite you find in the market is lab-grown.However, it comes in different shades and grades. In that case, you should be able to tell the best quality over the rest. Only the best moissanite quality will give you the best experience.

The best moissanite is colorless within the D-F grade or the visibly colorless type G. Inclusions affect the clarity of the stone. However, they are rare for moissanite. The small inclusions are thin and transparent needlelike additions. All the same, every stone is virtually flawless hence the need to study them more.

 The shape of the center stone brings out different experiences with moissanite. The good thing is that this stone comes in a wide array of sizes and shapes. Therefore, there are a little bit of the many options you will find in the market.

Common options to pick for moissanite include the round-classic stone, the oval-innovative version and the cushion-romantic option. Others include princess, emerald, radiant, marquise, rose cur, old European cut and pear options.

As much as there are different sizes and shapes of moissanite, you can also get to choose from the various styles in the market.  There is the halo type, solitaire, hidden halo, bezel, east-west, infinity and the three-stone style.

Each of these moissanite ring styles is unique. Most importantly, they bring out different experiences for different occasions. For instance, the three-stone style is incredibly romantic.

 The best rings have a perfect match of precious metal on them. Therefore, selecting the precious metal for your moissanite ring is still important. This comes after picking the stone setting and shape.

Typical metals for your moissanite ring include platinum, 18k gold and 14k gold. Each of the unique properties of these metals makes them perfect for use on various designs and occasions.

 Even after matching everything about the ring, getting the right size sums up everything. Therefore, you should make efforts to make sure you have the right measurements with you. You can work with a local jeweler to help you out or even do it yourself using a string.

The ultimate ring experience comes with a properly fitting piece of jewelry. Therefore, establishing the right size of the ring will be of great value to you.

 The jewelry industry has grown tremendously offering us options in the diamond-dominated space. Today, moissanite is a great option for those looking for affordable quality alternatives. Therefore, it would help if you took some time to learn about this precious stone and its products. It is one of the most reliable stones available in the market.

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