Movo Cash Expands Fund Transfer Options with Fiserv

California-based fintech company MovoCash is Fiserv, Inc., a leading global provider of payment and financial services technology. We are enhancing our customers’ on-demand banking experience by adding new money transfer options made possible by (NASDAQ: FISV).

MOVO is revolutionizing payments by not only enabling customers to deposit, pay, receive, store, send and use money in seconds, but also by converting all cryptocurrencies from mobile phones to US dollars. Through a self-contained ecosystem, MOVO offers a comprehensive set of “digital cash” financial solutions on demand, all in a contactless environment.

Eric Solis, Founder and CEO of MOVO, said: “Working with Fiserv will enable us to offer card, payment and networking solutions under one digital roof, making it an intuitive, convenient and secure solution for today’s mobile banking consumers.”

MOVO uses Fiserv’s solution to enable various money transfer options. These include Fiserv’s extensive Accel® debit payment network. This will drive portfolio profitability and growth, while enabling clients to access funds and settle payment transactions in seconds.

Customers can also access over 37,000 ATMs at no additional charge in convenient locations throughout the United States through Fiserv’s MoneyPass®. This will allow MOVO to provide customers with the ability to access cash at ATMs, taking advantage of avoiding additional charges.

MOVO recognizes that customers are increasingly fond of interacting with their primary banking service providers via digital channels, especially mobile devices, and traditional debit cards are another gateway for customers to access cash. I understand that. With this in mind, Fiserv offers a complete suite of card products and services, including card manufacturing, personalization and fulfillment. This is a clear reminder of the relationship between the customer and FinTech. The ability to handle high volume production and quickly get physical cards in the hands of consumers helps MOVO secure the top position in the wallet.

“MOVO is shaping a rethinking and immersive financial services experience by providing on-demand fintech solutions through channels that customers prefer to interact with,” said Fiserv’s Head of Card Services. Himanshu Patel says. “We look forward to launching a partnership with the MOVO team to support their mission to provide the next generation of digital banking providers with the personalized financial services experience people expect.”

Movo Cash Expands Fund Transfer Options with Fiserv

Source link Movo Cash Expands Fund Transfer Options with Fiserv

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