MP writes to Wilko CEO, proposing closure with Jacob Rees-Mogg in Westminster

Cleethorpes MP Martin Vickers shocked the closure of the Wilco store in Westminster and wrote to the company’s CEO to express his concerns.

His member branch was one of the 15 listed for closure in 2022, and he reported it when he aired concerns about High Street.

Household goods and garden retailers announced on Monday that they were lowering their outlet shutters-in a legacy location, negotiations with the landlord failed.

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The latter is being contested in northeastern Lincolnshire, and St. Peters Avenue real estate owner Stonefield Estates claimed to have been uncontacted since August 2020.

Vickers said: There are a lot of really good shops, but there is no doubt that Wilkins is a draw.

“This decision will ultimately be commercial to the company. I spoke to the landlord’s agent and wrote to Wilco’s CEO.

“It’s not a government issue, but I raised the closure of the House of Commons, emphasizing the ongoing threat to our high streets.

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“Many things are happening and Northeast Lincolnshire benefits from government support, but there is always a lot to do. We can all do something. It’s online. Instead of buying at, use the shop. “

In a discussion with home leader Jacob Riis Mogg, Vickers said: Important to the vitality of Cleethorpes’ St. Peter’s Avenue, unfortunately, the company has announced the possibility of closing the store. This is a clear concern, especially for staff. The government has made great efforts to support our high streets, which is clearly another example of the difficulties companies face. Can home leaders be encouraged to consider discussions to further explore what companies like Wilco can do to ensure that Cleethorpes keeps their exit? “

Reesmog praised the defense of his members and outlined a £ 4.8 billion level-up fund aimed at rehabilitating town centres and boulevards.

He states: “A considerable amount of work has been done to promote innovation and investment across the country and help recover the business from the pandemic. Increased the British Business Bank’s regional lending program to £ 1.6 billion to companies across the country. We are providing capital. We will extend our temporary annual investment allowance limit of £ 1 million to March 2023 to provide more upfront support to support our investment and growth for five years. Reduces the burden of business fees by more than £ 7 billion. “All these things should help High Street, but support my true intentions. Friends tell people to use their High Street to store. Giving by encouraging people to go is also important for maintaining a competitive high street. “

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MP writes to Wilko CEO, proposing closure with Jacob Rees-Mogg in Westminster

Source link MP writes to Wilko CEO, proposing closure with Jacob Rees-Mogg in Westminster

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