Must know about Air Nippers and Crimper if you are looking for one

Traditionally, A nipper, also known as a tile nipper, is a tool used to “nip” or remove tiny bits of a hard material, It is similar to a pair of scissors or pliers but the advancements in technology and the urge to use more force and precision in the heavy machinery sectors gave rise to the air nippers which uses the pneumatic shear in its operations. Air nippers (pneumatic tools) are instruments that employ compressed air to produce or cut holes in metal or resin more effectively. Even objects that would normally be impossible to cut manually can be simply chopped with minimal force. Different products cut a variety of materials, including copper wire, steel wire, and resin, and handle a variety of tasks, such as crimping, bending, and crushing. Aside from lightweight and easy-to-handle small hand-held types and types that can be incorporated into automatic equipment, machinery, and robots, there are a variety of other types available, such as slide-types that slide to cut and heat cutting types where the blade is heated to cleanly cut plastic, resin, and the like. A variety of options are available to suit a variety of uses. Air nippers are also used in industries to cut thin metal plates, trim linear materials, and cut plastic nozzles, electronic feet, winding machines, and so on. These nippers can be well utilized in places where it is difficult to handle the manual nippers.

Air nippers also come in different variants as per the diverse utilizations such as handheld, round type, square surface mount, thrust cut, air scissor, sliding nipper, and many others.

How to pick out the ideal air nippers

Due to the huge industrial and household requirement air nippers are also designed for a specific purpose and to meet out the unique requirements i.e. material to deal with, the thickness of the wire/ cable, and environment, etc so for that reason the following tips should be taken into account :

Maintenance of the air nippers and crimpers

Despite such extensive benefits, it does have several drawbacks on its part As an energy source, an air compressor is required, which has a significant maintenance cost. A high level of airtightness is essential, and cylinder components must not be damaged or aged. It cannot be taken with you unless it has the flexibility of a manual crimper and an electric crimper but these facts the air nipper’s advantages out weight the disadvantages that’s why Modern plastic factories, rubber factories, computer factories, electronics factories, computer manufacturing assembly plants, telecoms phone factories, lighting factories, camera factories, home appliances, and plastic injection molding factories all utilize it.


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