Mustang announces new brand image

Mustang has announced the launch of a new brand design and product branding for the start of the fall / winter 2022 season.

Mustang leverages its tradition as Europe’s first denim brand and works with distributor Strichpunkt to innovate logos, trademarks, colors, product labeling and visual identity in line with genuine brand value. I changed.

New brand identity is an important element of that brand strategy. Mustang’s goal is to fine-tune the brand image and enhance the brand’s appeal. This guarantees further growth, especially in the international market.

The new brand image is clear, consistent and contemporary. Displayed at all touchpoints, including products, communications, store designs, and online shops.

The new logo seamlessly connects with the history of denim makers and expresses the idea of ​​freedom embodied in the Mustang image. To emphasize this aspect, the “restriction” box around the logo has been removed to allow the logo to be independent and breathe more freely.

The trademark has been modernized and modified to match the contours of a real horse. The dashed line, a repeating element of the brand design, pays homage to the seams of traditional jeans.

The Mustang remains true to itself and the red color, but a slightly fresher and more dynamic shade is chosen. The company’s color range also includes dark red and dark denim blue.

The product label has also been revised to match the new brand design. A special hanging tag with True Change as its motto conveys a message of sustainability to the product.

Mustang’s new visual language portrays real situations and shows people experiencing freedom in a unique way: true moments. Such moments can be enjoyed alone or with friends. They can be accompanied by strong emotions or felt in a peaceful atmosphere. They can experience in a busy urban environment or an untouched natural environment. True freedom comes from the heart, so they are open to anyone, anytime, anywhere!


Mustang announces new brand image

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