My daughter is a big star in Hollywood, but I’m struggling to survive

The father of an A-list Hollywood star says his café was foreclosed on because he was desperate for money.

Management blames you for being a nuisance traffic jam Plans to shut down his business, but he refuses to accept money from his company. celebrity daughter.


Clinton Pugh says she’s struggling to keep her business runningCredit: SWNS
His daughter Florence Pugh has performed with Harry Styles and Emma Watson.


His daughter Florence Pugh has performed with Harry Styles and Emma Watson.Credit: Getty

Clinton Pugh, 64, daughter Hollywood actress Florence Pughtold her not to ask for help.

The 27-year-old “Don’t Worry Darling” actress, who has co-starred with Harry Styles and Emma Watson, has given her father cash before.

But Pugh said he would not demand more, despite the seizure of his Oxford café Tarifa.

He has two other cafes for sale, Cafe CoCo and Kaz Bar.

Pugh blames Oxford’s low-traffic neighborhoods for alienating customers and ruining business.

The LTN plan will block off residential areas with bollards and planters to reduce traffic.

Mr. Clinton with Mr. Florence, game of thrones Actor Toby Sebastian, 31, has said he lost £110,000 in lost profits because of LTN.

he said oxford mail: “The government’s decision to stop funding the LTN underscores that many mistakes were made and that the LTN was driven based on an unfortunately unconsidered ideology.”

He added that the LTN had created “extra stress” and called on the city council to compensate the company.

Pugh has previously said he no longer relies on his family for help.

he told MailOnline: “I can’t guarantee that my family will be able to support me. Why should other people pay for me and kick me out?”

“I’ve been sitting in this restaurant for 31 years and I remember the kids sitting at the bar on a Friday afternoon coming in with other families. It’s very upsetting with Florence.”

A City Council spokesperson told the Oxford Mail: “LTN is part of the County Council’s Community Transport and Connectivity Plan, which aims to improve travel and transportation.

“They aim to make residential areas safer and more comfortable for walking, driving and cycling.

“It is designed to work in concert with other measures to reduce congestion and improve air quality as part of our travel plans for central Oxfordshire.

“The LTNs already in Oxford will continue to be monitored by the Council.

“The East Oxford LTN area is still in a probationary period and a county cabinet decision is expected later this year.

“East Oxford LTN online consultation has ended, but we encourage you to continue sharing your feedback.

“This feedback will contribute to the report submitted to the Cabinet for its decision.

“While we have no plans at this time to bring more LTN areas into Oxford, we will continue to closely monitor the overall situation to understand movement and traffic behavior across the city.”


Clinton Pugh says she won’t take another penny from Hollywood’s daughter FlorenceCredit: clinton_pugh/Instagram


Florence Pugh recently co-starred with Harry Styles in the movie Don’t Worry DarlingCredit: clinton_pugh/Instagram My daughter is a big star in Hollywood, but I’m struggling to survive

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