My review of Amazon Salon as a black woman with afro hair

Amazon Hairdresser opening? I have a hobby. There was some controversy at the opening due to the potential impact this futuristic, artificial intelligence-fueled in-store experience could have on the entire beauty industry.When Amazon was first launched, it was mostly BookThis meant that bookstores had a huge impact on sales over the years as the speed and accessibility of all books, including ebooks, made Amazon a more viable option. Many salon owners are probably afraid that it could do the same for the hair industry. This means less work and access for SMEs.

But with user-friendly technologies like click-and-buy without queues and advanced augmented reality in the future, I’d love to give it a try.Probably because I’m a black woman Afro hair Have no loyalty to Hair in salon experience In England.Also find a salon that specifically meets my needs Curl and coil It was always a painstaking task. So, inevitably, I learned how to become my own beautician. Closest to the “professional” hair experience; between making dinner for the family and scolding the child, go to the “local aunt” who braids in the kitchen. For some reason, the more chaotic the experience, the better the hair, so I didn’t complain.

When Amazon claimed to offer professional black hair services, “unparalleled in-store experience”, shopping bags, digital fitting mirrors, wireless charging points, AR technology, and of course beautiful hair. It sold well and I had high expectations. After all, Amazon, the game charger for the online Afro Hair Care shopping experience, provided innovation and accessibility to a wide range of products for the first time with the click of a button. The arrival of Amazon ended my mother’s days, and I had to commute to the city closest to my house to get a new Afropic, or ORS Shine Spray.

But when I checked their online menu, the alarm bell rang. Despite the promising textured hairbox out, there is a list of services such as what is called “Natural Style” for a fixed price of £ 35, a smoothing treatment for £ 80 and a fixed price “Blade” for £ 35. There is no such thing as braids, so it quickly felt misleading. Depending on your hair and braid style, this type of service can take several hours.

It was clear that this part of the menu was designed by someone with little knowledge of “textured hair”.

I called to ask about Smoothing treatment.. A friendly receptionist invites me to a patch test and then makes an hour and a half appointment to ensure that it’s enough for 15 minutes of treatment and blow-drying. So far, so good. Until you flag it as Afro hair …

At this point, it is clear that they have no one specializing in Afro hair. They suddenly became unable to answer any of the subsequent questions. I’m handed over to a head stylist and recommend buying a variety of products instead of treatments. This makes me feel discouraged to come for the appointment of IRL. Even though I know my white hair colleague will be offered a reservation within 4 days, I will stick and be offered a consultation (not a reservation) for a month.

The Salon Menu offers four services for textured hair, but calls from both receptionists and stylists say these services are clearly “inappropriate” for Afro hair.

also,”bladeNeither of the services offered on the menu (cornrows, box blades, rocks, lengths, extensions, natural hair, etc. styles?) Could give me an answer.

Eventually, I agreed to book a patch test in a few days, which would only take a few minutes. After work, head to the salon in the heart of Liverpool Street. Designed as a futuristic open-plan showroom, the ground floor looks modern and luxurious from the outside. Upon arrival, stand in the Till area and meet your stylist. Afro hair is delicate and fragile, so I’m nervous. Therefore, anyone who operates Afro Hair needs to be very confident in what they are doing.

She feels my hair, but looks worried and eventually admits that she doesn’t offer a suitable treatment for textured hair, and what smoothing treatments do to my Afro other than add shine I warned that it wouldn’t help. She can offer me a relaxer when asked for another way.

Large companies like Amazon cannot offer either keratin treatment (to straighten and straighten hair), smoothing treatment (to help shine and growth), or texture release treatment (to smooth hair) I’m confused because of the Afro Hair texture (not permanent) that many small businesses across London offer to Afro Hair.

After exchanging more than 20 emails, 5 phone calls and 2 patch tests, we are now able to confirm the scheduled date. In addition, direct from the salon staff, such as “What kind of treatment do you offer for Afro hair”, “What do you include in the braid”, “How long does the xyz treatment take?” There are not enough answers to many questions. It was a terrible disappointment. But I also deserve to have my hair trimmed somewhere, so I’m determined to do something well.

In 2021, time and care to ensure that the hair salon is comprehensive from all demographics so that we feel welcomed and served for all women. It’s devastating to see you not pay. My excitement and expectations of what a mainstream hair appointment experience should be is overwhelmed by the familiar sense of negligence in the beauty industry that I cherish. This is why we welcome the new version of the Government-issued and approved National Vocational Standards for Cosmetology (NOS), which has been updated to include Afro Hair and Textured Hair. That is, every new hairdresser learns to treat black hair as part of their training.

In the end, I managed to get that promise, by that time they hired a stylist for Afro hair, and I confidently talked about what treatments he could offer, And I’m glad you’re confident in telling me exactly what you’re telling me. Every two minutes I need to make me laugh. He is a complete package.

In retrospect, you can see why this stylist wanted to consult before treatment. We sat together for about 15 minutes and talked about my hair. We talked about what we can do to make our hair thicker and stronger and maintain a natural coil that is a good representation of my legacy.

I decided that I should go to the texture release. A non-permanent treatment that gently smoothes curls, improves management and makes your hair look like a million dollars! The total of treatment, cut and blow dry takes about 4 hours, but boys are worth it. Leaving the salon makes me feel great and reminds me why women like to straighten their hair. I hope my fellow black women can experience this without experiencing the loops and hoops I have endured.

And that’s not all. Since then they have changed the menu, but in my opinion it still lacks clarity. Weaving installments (whether or not hair is included), silk presses, smoothing treatments and more are available. The fixed price for braids has gone up to £ 50 (oops!) And is now labeled as cornrows and braids, but it’s strange that the price doesn’t specify length and style.

Hair is important to black women, and for some reason we are disproportionately scrutinized and discriminated against in hair compared to non-black women. Such experiences reflect how society still values ​​black women. That is, we are still left behind. Women are still missing out on their hairstyles, black students continue to be sent home to sport their hair in their natural state, and athletes like Olympic swimmers are unfair. I can’t participate in the sport yet due to uniform restrictions.

If we could make a small change in our beauty world by adapting the salon menu to Amazon, hiring more blacks and training teams with all hair types, we would make every curl I think it’s one step closer. What’s important is.

Change is in great need and has been postponed for a long time. After a rocky start, I sincerely hope that Amazon’s Hair Salon Spitalfields will be part of that change.

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My review of Amazon Salon as a black woman with afro hair

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