My thief cat stole £300 of treasure from my neighbor including bras and designer shoes – I’m sorry

An owner of two kleptomaniac cats told me that his pet stole £300 worth of clothes from a neighbor.

Donna Hibert wants to return an item. bra and designer shoesto the rightful owner.


Harry and Luna Steal Neighbor’s ClothesCredit: Donna Hibbert/Facebook


Owner Donna wants to return the item to its rightful ownerCredit: Donna Hibbert/Facebook


She thinks they stole something worth over £300Credit: Donna Hibbert/Facebook

just last week one of her CatHarry was able to obtain six items from his neighbors at Darley Abbey in Derbyshire.

Now she’s taking to Facebook to showcase what locals may be missing.

she wrote:

“We have baseball caps, sausages, cat meat pouches, slippers, socks, and even shoes!

“In the past two weeks they have brought me pictures!

“I thought it would be best to start posting treats here because some people think they’ve lost their stuff somewhere and gone insane! You’re not!

“It’s my cat and I can only apologize. If the item is yours and you want it back, PM me.”

“I also brought rubber bands, dish towels, sponges, tea towels, crispy parcels. The list goes on!

“I often wonder if anyone has seen someone running with something like that in their mouth, and what they are using it for.”

She believes Harry has stolen around £300 worth of items over the years.

“I had red shoes, but they were pretty expensive brands,” she explained.

“Sports bras are M&S and not cheap.

“We had our wallets the other day, but there was nothing in them.”

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