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Nadine Dorries defending Boris Johnson’s “fake news” attack on Keir Starmer is an extraordinary television

Prime Minister Nadine Dorries Have I had a hard time protecting Boris Johnson after the Prime Minister tried to distract him from the party controversy by making a false attack on Keir Starmer.

Johnson faced a major backlash after accusing Labor leaders of not prosecuting disgraceful entertainers. Jimmy Savile When he was in charge of the Prosecutor’s Office (CPS).

The Prime Minister commented when he argued against the Labor Party’s criticism at the House of Commons. Sue Gray Report..

Fact check Reuters Last October, “There is no evidence to suggest that Sir Keir Starmer, then (Prosecutor’s Director) CPS DPP, was directly involved in the decision not to prosecute Jimmy Savile.”

It details how the allegations gained momentum online, but “the proposal for a link between case handling and Starmer is unfounded.”

On Monday, former Northwest prosecutor Nazir Afzal said Johnson’s reference to Saville was “a shame on Congress and the Prime Minister’s Office.”

And it was up to Johnson’s cultural secretary, Dolly’s, to defend the Prime Minister’s comments in a series of media interviews.

When appearing on Channel 4 NewsShe was asked by presenter Krishnan Guru-Mercy about what he described as “fake news” and “an old meme repeated by conspirators.”

Dolly was left alone saying, “The prime minister tells the truth.”

Krishnan Guru Mercy: One of the things the Prime Minister said at the House of Commons today is that it was basically not true, and obviously not true. How can you get the Prime Minister to repeat such fake news? “

Nadine Dorries: I don’t know the background of Keir Starmer, and I know he …

KGM: Yeah, that’s not true, and the Prime Minister repeated it. It’s an old meme repeated by conspiracy theorists.

ND: Well, as you know, Keir Starmer once said that someone who was a former prosecutor shouldn’t have said in the dispatch box. He shouldn’t have decided in advance what Met’s research would find.

KGM: Boris Johnson said something wrong. He misunderstood the house today.

ND: I didn’t think so.

KGM: What do you say Keiir Starmer is responsible for not prosecuting …

ND: I don’t know, I don’t know the details.

KGM: That’s what the Prime Minister said.

ND: You have to believe your words.

KGM: He shouldn’t have said that?

ND: I think there’s a lot that Keir Starmer shouldn’t say.

KGM: Well, it’s clear that what he (Johnson) said isn’t true.

ND: Prime Minister tells the truth..

KGM: It’s not yet established if they deliberately lied … but he’s clearly telling the house that it’s not true.

ND: The Prime Minister is telling the truth.

This was just one of many widely shared interviews conducted by Dolly’s.

In 2020, Fact Check Charity Full Fact investigated allegations that Sir Keiir stopped prosecuting Savile in 2009.

Fulfact said Starmer was the head of the CPS when the decision was made not to prosecute Saville on the grounds of “insufficient evidence,” adding:

“Subsequent investigations criticized both CPS and police actions in dealing with the situation.

“It did not suggest that Mr. Starmer was personally involved in the decision made.”

The independent fact-checking organization concluded:

“In an official investigation later commissioned by Starmer, both prosecutors and police criticized the processing of the allegations.”

Savile died in 2011 at the age of 84, who had never been tried for his crimes.

He is currently considered one of the most prolific sex offenders in the UK.

According to a 2016 report on his abuse, BBC staff missed many opportunities to stop him.

Nadine Dorries defending Boris Johnson’s “fake news” attack on Keir Starmer is an extraordinary television

Source link Nadine Dorries defending Boris Johnson’s “fake news” attack on Keir Starmer is an extraordinary television

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