Nanny Blockade Baking Is Now A Rapidly Rising Online Business Success Story

The nanny, who loved making sweets while caring for her children, saw a surge in interest in the online brownie business she launched during the blockade.

Traded as The Savvy Baker, Savannah Roqaa currently works 24 hours a day at his home in Leeds to meet the demand for sweets.

At the age of 24, she started her business in the kitchen of Roundhay’s apartment. Currently, she has six full-time staff to meet demand. A strange celebrity client also enjoys her work.

A former make-up artist, she said: “I’ve never been a bakery, but it was naturally creative and fun and educational to do while caring for the kids. When the blockade began in March 2020, brownies And cheered up by dropping a care package on a friend. They shared an image of the cake on social media, and before I knew it, I sent people a direct message about brownies and cakes. And overnight I set up The Savvy Baker.

“I used to work at home at first, but soon after I was off, I was baking 30-40 boxes of brownies a week, so the kitchen quickly grew. I have a lot of friends in the nightlife industry. So they kindly used their premises to bake. “

Savvy Baker offers a variety of cakes, cookies and brownies from 10 pounds to 35 pounds, with the largest seller being OG Mars Brookie.

With the power of Instagram, within six months, businesses with more than 25,000 followers have become more and more powerful. Savvy Baker currently posts more than 500 boxes a week, moves to commercial facilities and employs up to 6 staff. Juggling the roles of assistant bakery, packer and driver.

A sweet treat of a savvy baker.

Most of the staff she hired were friends in the hospitality industry who lost their jobs because of Covid, and Savannah was keen to help and give back what she could do.

Her sister, Tia Roqaa, another entrepreneur who runs the online business Rocca Box, was a “big inspiration.”

Savannah said: “I praised her dedication and motivation when I saw my sister launch her online business. It was this motivation and passion that inspired me to launch my business. What started to make us happy is now a full-time business. My positive thinking and ambitions have helped me overcome these difficult times. The success I’ve achieved so far. I am very grateful. “

With the success of the online model, there are no plans to open a permanent shop, but Savannah wants to grow the brand nationwide, if not globally.

Last weekend, Savvy Baker staged her first pop-up store, selling 1,000 brownies in 90 minutes. More brownies are currently planned.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could see people lining up just below the street,” she said.

Nanny Blockade Baking Is Now A Rapidly Rising Online Business Success Story

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