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Dallas Mavericks chooses Wendell Moore Junior at number 26

What can you say? NBA The team loves Duke products. Mavericks chooses Forward Wendell Moore Jr. and Draft’s Fourth Blue Devil.

Is it time now? Dallas Mavericks. Tyty Washington, Jr. in Kentucky is still on the board and may be worth taking despite internal needs.


San Antonio Spurs chooses Breakwesley at number 25

The Spurs will welcome Blake Wesley, a Notre Dame shooting guard, at number 25. My Celtics fans remember the name and take root in him.

San Antonio Spurs is up next on the draft topic received from the Boston Celtics in the Derrick White trade. The Celtics believe they will try again if possible.

Milwaukee Bucks chooses Marjon Bo Champ at number 24

Bucks chooses Forward MarJon Beauchamp, who was playing in the G League Ignite after running out of multiple options NBA.. Great story, the G League Ignite is really changing the basketball landscape.

Philadelphia 76ers choose David Rodi at number 23 (for Memphis Grizzlies)

Colorado State Defense Force David Lodi is heading to Memphis via Philadelphia. That’s all because there aren’t many deals tonight.

The Philadelphia 76ers exchanged the 23rd pick for Memphis Grizzlies with De’Anthony Melton.

Memphis Grizzlies chooses Walker Kessler at number 22 (for Minnesota Timberwolves)

Walker Kessler has taken the first step as an NBA player. Photo: John Minchiro / AP

On a pick to Minnesota, Memphis goes with a 7’1 Auburn Center Walker Kessler. Walker Kessler averages over 6 blocks per game.

Denver Nuggets choose Christian Brown at number 21

The Nuggets have a much less interesting option of choosing Christian Brown, a Kansas guard. Christian Brown is always referred to here as “solid”.

The Denver Nuggets are time-hungry and the most interesting thing they can do is draft Nikola Jokić and go with Nikola Jokić.

San Antonio Spurs chooses Malakai Brannam at number 20

Malaki Branham shares a laugh with Adam Silver after his choice
Malaki Branham shares a laugh with Adam Silver after his choice. Photo: John Minchiro / AP

The Spurs, like their habits, make the wise decision here at number 20. A great three-point from Ohio State University (because of the legal obligation to call it), Bramham shot 41.6% last season. Even if the team needs to hide him at the defensive end of the ball, it’s worth a look at this point in the draft.

San Antonio Spurs is a 24-hour pick from the Toronto Raptors.

Minnesota Timberwolves chooses Jay Clarabia at number 19 (for Memphis Grizzlies)

The Grizzlies go with Wakeforest forward Jay Claravia on the 19th pick, and he … isn’t even in the mock draft I prepared. Oh.

Minnesota Timberwolves exchanges pick 18 for Memphis Grizzlies

Don’t worry, whoever the 18th pick will go to Memphis.

Minnesota Timberwolves chooses next. I think Malaki Branham finally called his name here.

Chicago Bulls chooses Darenterry at number 18

The Bulls go with Darren Terry and move forward with the 18th selection from Arizona. Experts describe him as a “glue man.” This means “statistics aren’t impressive, but my teammates love him.”

Next is the Chicago Bulls.

Houston Rockets choose Tally Son at number 17

Tari Eason celebrates after his name is called
Tari Eason celebrates after his name is called. Photo: John Minchiro / AP

And on the 17th pick, the Houston Rockets will cash out one of the picks they got from the James Harden dump at LSU Forward Tari Eason. My favorite name so far. He was the first team All-SEC and Sixman of the Year at his meeting.

The Houston Rockets are open 24 hours a day with picks from the Brooklyn Nets. Oh, I think it’s a James Harden related pick. Reflections on some buyers must have been done in Barclays.

Atlanta Hawks chooses AJ Griffin at number 16

Another player on the Blue Devils team this year: AJ Griffin is a great scorer, a natural three-point shooter, and his talent in that division should be well translated in the Big League.Griffin’s main problem is that he already I fought with a knee injury So he has some health problems.

Well, I think I understand Charlotte’s deal a little more here. Apparently Knicks is also involved in the Pistons deal?

Pistons has won Jalen Duren … and more importantly, Kemba Walker’s salary was sent to Detroit for immediate free agency issues, and free agent Jalen Brunson. Funding the pursuit of.

— Mark Stein (@TheSteinLine) June 24, 2022

Charlotte Hornets picks Mark Williams on pick 15

Even though he was a 7-foot player, Williams probably didn’t get the attention he deserved at Duke. Williams averaged 11.2 points and 7.4 rebounds in his sophomore season, as his fellow tycoon Banchero received most of the headlines.Ringer, Kevin O Connor Made his claim It is an old-fashioned center that can be used by any team.

The wasp returned to the watch with the selection received from the pelican. I think this explains their “quick turn over” decision. They chose the pistons, and now they are going to choose the players they actually targeted.

Unless that choice was made, it was Avaji. In that case, they thought through themselves.

Cleveland Cavaliers choose Ochaibaji at number 14

The Cleveland Cavaliers will go with Kansas Guard’s Ochaibaji, who was named the best player after Kansas defeated UNC in this year’s NCAA Men’s Championship Game. To lose his credibility, it’s his fourth grade and he could be one of those players who might get a recent bias boost from running a recent tournament. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that doing your best on the biggest possible stage isn’t a bad skill.

And it takes us out of the lottery part of the night.

Will Charlotte Hornets replace Jarren Duran with Pistons?

Apparently, the Hornets have already replaced the Duran with the Pistons. At least that’s what Woj says, I’ll update it once it’s confirmed. The Cleveland Cavaliers are now in time.

Charlotte Hornets chooses Jalen Duren at number 13

Durene in Memphis is the third best center in this year’s draft, after Holmgren and Banchero. He doesn’t have either advantage, but it’s worth a lot. Durene’s shot blocking skill can now be played in the league and he is not yet 19 years old. This is the perfect place for him to go, both in terms of ranking and team.

Thunder basically seems to have already won this draft. Or, if Holmgren’s worst scenario happened, he slaughtered it badly. There is no middle ground here, which is my favorite draft day.

Next is Charlotte Hornets!

Oklahoma City Thunder selects Jalen Williams on pick 12

I’ve told you that there are plenty of picks in this draft enough to trade up with Knicks. They choose Jalen Williams, the shooting guard of Santa Clara, the first player I don’t have the spill I wrote in advance. At least I passed the top 10.

Knicks is definitely in rebuild mode, and Thunder Organization sounds like it isn’t.

New York Knicks traded Dien to Oklahoma City Thunder to win multiple picks

Well, it was fast. Well, I don’t think he’s worried about all booing Newyork fans. Great for OKC.

New York Knicks chooses Usmane Dieng at number 11

A mixed reaction when Knicks chose Forward Ousmane Dieng from the New Zealand Breakers on the 11th pick. The most highly regarded foreign player in the draft. He has a lot of useful skills made for the NBA, but unfortunately he lacks the most basic of all of them: consistent scoring. He shot only 35.6 percent from the NBL field.

New York Knicks time!As always, tradition is for New York fans who have won seats for NBA A draft to boost their choice. Let’s see what happens to this.

Washington Wizards chooses Jonathan Davis at number 10

Jonathan Davis in the center walks the stage during the introduction of the draft
Center Johnny Davis walks the stage during the introduction of the draft. Photo: John Minchiro / AP

Washington Wizards chooses Wisconsin guard Jonathan Davis.Davis scored an average of nearly 20 points per game in Wisconsin, but his figure is NBA.. Maybe the perfect energy person for the team, but isn’t it probably a great ceiling? But like him in Washington.

Big news for both Australia and Canada in this draft:

Montreal has recently put a lot of talent into the NBA, but Benedict Maturin was named the first lottery in the city because he was ranked 6th in the Indiana Pacers.

— Michael Grange (@michaelgrange) June 24, 2022

There are no transactions yet. interesting. Assuming that trend continues, Washington Wizards will choose next.

San Antonio Spurs picks Jeremy Sochan at number 9

San Antonio Spurs chooses Baylor Forward Jeremy Soclan.Sochan’s Had an interesting careerHelping Poland qualify for EuroBasket before playing for Baylor. Playing the Starter Minutes in the role of a bench, he achieved an average of 9.2 points and 6.4 rebounds and was awarded the Big 12 Sixman of the Year. He is a defense-first player, and his main weakness may be long range shooting.

From Dyson Daniels AAP:

With his playmaking and defensive skills, a 19-year-old guard from Bendigo rushed in. NBA After graduating from the NBA Academy in Canberra, his lonely season calculations with the G League development team Ignite.

Daniels caught the attention of analysts after being impressed by the draft combine and during training in seven different franchises.

“There are so many roles I can play in a team,” Daniels said. “My best NBA-ready skills are defense and being able to step on the floor to protect the best players. Taking advantage of my size and lateral speed to cause trouble for players. I can.

“I can definitely step on the floor and hit it right away. Whatever the team needs-whether it’s a point guard, a backup, or playing the ball. -I feel like there is no real weakness to be able to say, “Put him here, and he won’t be that good.”

Daniels’ father, Ricky, is an American who played at North Carolina State University at college before moving to Australia to pursue a basketball career at Bendigo Braves.

New Orleans Pelican picks Dyson Daniels at number 8

Dyson Daniels has been blessed by family and friends after being ranked 8th overall by the New Orleans Pelican.
Dyson Daniels has been blessed by family and friends after being ranked 8th overall by the New Orleans Pelican. Photo: John Minchiro / AP

Pelican chooses Dyson Daniels! The G League Ignite has been put together to provide a home for very talented young players who want to skip the exploitative college basketball route. Dyson Daniels of Australia is a big hope of the year and is a seasoned passerby and ball handler who may need to work on developing a reliable three-point shot and improving its 73.3 free throw rate. Still, he’s just 19 years old and is acclaimed for his basketball decision-making skills.

“That’s the Australian way.” Daniels said..

Next is the New Orleans Pelican from the Los Angeles Lakers.

NBA Draft 2022: Orlando Magic picks Paolo Banchero first overall – live! | NBA

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