Net migration of EU citizens to the UK turned negative in 2020

Net migration of EU citizens to the UK turned negative in 2020 after the number of Europeans leaving the country exceeded the number of arriving Europeans, reversing the trend of the previous year.

Immigration patterns have improved since 2019, when about 94,000 more EU citizens have left the UK than they arrived last year and the number of immigrants from the continent to the UK has increased by 32,000.

“This decline in immigrants is most likely due to a combination of both effects. Coronavirus pandemic When Brexit“The National Bureau of Statistics said.

Approximately 147,000 Europeans left the UK in 2020, according to ONS experimental data released Thursday. This is almost three times the number that arrived the previous year.

Madeline Sampsion, director of the Oxford University Immigration Observatory, said the ONS data were “much behind the envelope estimates” but “widely plausible.”

Sumption explained that the ONS figures did not include the large population of short-term immigrants in the United Kingdom.

Jonathan Portes, a professor of economics and public policy at King’s College London, said that the net immigrants of EU citizens are likely to be “much more than estimated by ONS.”He had before calculated Larger outflow of EU citizens.

Individual figures released by the Interior Ministry on Thursday showed that employers are likely to hire workers from countries other than the EU, as cross-border recruitment increased again in 2021.

According to the ministry, 205,528 work-related visas were granted during the year to September, most of which were granted to skilled workers in India, the Philippines, the United States and Nigeria. He added that more than 40% of successful visa applicants come from medical and social welfare workers, which is twice the share allocated to the sector in the year before the pandemic.

Gerwyn Davies, an advisor to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Education, a leading organization of HR professionals, said: Sudden outage of supply of EU workers It continues to create a shock wave for employers in all sectors, “will increase employment and wage pressure.

According to ONS’s tentative estimates, about 34,000 more people migrated to the UK than those who left the UK in 2020, down from 271,000 in the previous year. This is the lowest number since 2011 when comparable data became available.

The 000 column chart showing net immigrants in the UK fell sharply in 2020

Historically, international passenger surveys have been the primary source of information for estimating international migration to and from the United Kingdom, but it was interrupted at the beginning of the pandemic.

Since then, ONS has developed a means of international migration using the latest statistically based management data and statistical modeling.

“There is a high degree of uncertainty around them. [the experimental data]”ONS said.

ONS said the range of uncertainties in net migration of EU citizens ranges from minus 180,000 to minus 8,000.

ONS population data, also released Thursday, showed that the UK’s EU-born population peaked at 3.6 million in the year ending June 2017 and is declining following the Brexit referendum. ..

Sumption confirms the “general view” that the numbers had a net outflow of EU citizens in 2020, warning that “there is a great deal of uncertainty about the exact magnitude of the outflow.” I realized that I did.

Net migration of EU citizens to the UK turned negative in 2020

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