Netflix Believe Me Lisa McBay’s Kidnapping True Story

Warning: Beware of spoilers

Looking for your next Netflix Do you want to fix it? Follow the crowd. Believe Me: Kidnapping of Lisa McBay, True criminal drama Literally everyone is talking now.

If you haven’t seen the movie everyone is talking about, the 2018 Lifetime movie is based on a true story and is actually a recent one.

The story is centered around Florida-based Lisa McBay, a 17-year-old girl who was abducted by serial killer Bobby Joe Long in 1984. She was traumatized and raped for a horrifying period of 26 hours before using reverse psychology and clever detective work to free herself from the trials. When she was released and got home, she was asked questions instead of being offered support, and her story became suspicious.

The film records how a detective heard her case, recognizing that it was the infamous serial killer who kidnapped her. So what’s the truth and where are the characters now? Here’s an analysis of the real story behind Netflix’s latest blockbuster movie …

What is the true story and how much is it depicted in the movie?

Believe Me: Kidnapping of Lisa McBay Fully based on real-life events, Lisa actually approved the film and attended a special screening when the film was first released in 2018.

What happened to Lisa? In 1984, 17-year-old Lisa jumped off her motorcycle and was kidnapped by Bobby Joe Long in Florida. Raped It takes 26 hours to escape.

According to Lisa herself, she was actually planning the crime hours before the kidnapping. suicide As a result of years of sexual abuse by my grandmother’s boyfriend. She said the horrific trials of kidnapping solidified her determination to survive.

“I was deadly afraid that he was trying to kill me. Here I was thinking of suicide, but now I am fighting for my life. He When I released me and drove away, I removed the blindfold and saw this wonderful o amazing tree. I used to want to die, but now I want to live, so it’s my second time in my life. I got a chance, “she said.

Lisa was blindfolded during the capture, but was inspired by her surroundings. She used her hands to characterize the prisoner’s face and touched as many surfaces as possible in the hope of leaving DNA behind. ..

Using reverse psychology-and long telling her that she was the caretaker of her seriously ill father-he released her, blindfolded and drove home. Nevertheless, Lisa noticed an unusual feature of her car from under the blindfold. This provided important evidence for police to investigate the case.

Lisa also mentioned that Long stopped at an automated teller machine-given that cash machines were rare in the 1980s, police could track them too.

Who is Bobby Joe Long and what happened to him?

Bobby Joe Long was a notorious sexual assaulter who terrorized the Tampa Bay area of ​​Florida in the early 1980s. He reportedly sexually assaulted up to 50 women and killed 10 others.

He was arrested outside the cinema and charged with kidnapping Lisa, confessing to kidnapping and 10 murders in November 1984. His conviction.

Where is Lisa McVee now?

Lisa works for law enforcement and wants to prevent anyone else from experiencing what she has done. Lisa has been a member of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office for nearly 20 years and has been a resource officer for the school for seven years.

“If a student had fallen into a garbage dump, I would tell the story of a girl who was abandoned, kidnapped and raped by her family.’Do you think you got lost? No, she became a police officer. You are looking at her, “Lisa said.

Netflix Believe Me Lisa McBay’s Kidnapping True Story

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