New 2022 Volkswagen ID Buzz EV debuts at motor show

Based on Volkswagen’s versatile MEB (Modularen Elektrik Baukasten) electric vehicle platform, the retail version shares the same box-shaped profile as the previous concept, but with an overall angle. It also receives a slight rearset windshield to enhance collision protection and improve aerodynamic efficiency. Details such as LED headlights with optional IQ light function with full beam adaptive dimming and full-width LED taillights have also been reworked for a more technical look. Wheels range from 19 inches to 20 inches.

Smaller than the original concept, the standard wheelbase ID buzz is 4712mm long, 1980mm wide and 1938mm high. This makes it 192mm shorter, 76mm wider and 32mm lower than a comparable multi-van.

The 2988mm wheelbase is the longest car ever based on Volkswagen’s MEB platform. Volkswagen ID3, ID 4, ID 5 And ID6 of the Chinese market. It’s about 217mm longer than the ID 4, but only 12mm shy on the Multivan’s 3000mm wheelbase.

Volkswagen has not yet provided dimensions for the long wheelbase model, but authorities have proposed receiving a 250mm longer wheelbase and offering a range that can accommodate up to three rows of seats.

Despite the large frontal area, the drag coefficient is commendably low by commercial vehicle standards, with a passenger car model Cd of 0.28 and a cargo model Cd of 0.29.

New 2022 Volkswagen ID Buzz EV debuts at motor show

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