New home approved by Plumstead Campus and Greenwich

Brand new college campus and hundreds of new homes approved Greenwich In the “exciting new chapter” of the area.

London South East Colleges and L & Q Their planning application The “Future Greenwich” project was unanimously approved by the Greenwich Council.

This will build 294 new homes and a new university campus in Plumstead, ready for 2025.

LSEC enables Plumstead’s new state-of-the-art campus to provide flexible and exciting educational and learning spaces, allowing universities to diversify their curriculum and create new skills and employment opportunities for locals. I said it would be.

At the planning committee, LSEC CEO Dr. Sam Parrett CBE said the Future Greenwich project is the culmination of a five-year journey.

“We have worked very hard to do this development correctly to meet the needs of everyone, including students, staff, employers and communities.

“We passionately believe that young people and adults living and working in Greenwich deserve access to excellent education and training paths to unlock their potential.”

Southeast London College

Dr. Palette said he was “extremely grateful” for all support from supporters, including GLA and L & Q, and was “extremely excited” about the future of skills and education in Greenwich.

“We know that this project will make a strong contribution to job creation within the autonomous region and will have a significant impact on the outcome of employment and promotion. Therefore, the planning committee is making this very exciting and important development. I am very pleased to agree to proceed. ”

Half of the new homes are affordable, with a mix of shared ownership and affordable rent. Importantly, this scheme provides the family with a 63 3-bed home.

Construction work will begin in early 2022 and a new campus will open in 2025 as soon as the first home is completed.

Angie Hooper, Director of Business Development at L & Q, said: “We are delighted that the Royal District of Greenwich has supported this important development program. This marks the beginning of a new phase in our partnership with London Southeast College, which is preparing to begin work next year. is showing.

“Our plans bring a vibrant new place to the heart of Plumstead, an educational facility that will greatly help improve people’s life opportunities, and a fascinating new and affordable home in the area. Combine development. ”

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New home approved by Plumstead Campus and Greenwich

Source link New home approved by Plumstead Campus and Greenwich

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