New Lexus EV Supercar: Successor to LFA starring Goodwood 2022

Lexus is developing an electric supercar that acts as a spiritual successor LFAScheduled to be released by 2030, the concept version will be released for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Shown as part of the original shock unveiling ceremony 15 new Toyota and Lexus EV conceptsSupercar will be one of the EVs released by Lexus It will increase until combustion is phased out. From June 23rd to 26th, they will make their public debut in Sussex alongside all-new ones. Lexus RZ450e Updated version with electric SUV Lexus UX300e crossover.

Lexus will offer EVs in all segments by 2030, at which point it will only sell electric vehicles in China, Europe and North America, and by 2035 it will completely discontinue sales of ICE vehicles.

The concept is expressed as “a battery EV sports car that inherits the performance driving taste cultivated in the development of LFA, that is, the” secret source “.”

The experience gained in the development of this car will also be applied to other future Lexus EVs as part of a drive to emphasize the dynamic focus of the Japanese brand.

“The endless pursuit of the Lexus driving signature will take it to the next level through the development of a new sports battery EV,” said Koji Sato, Lexus Chief Brand Officer. He said it would be a model that “symbolizes the future of the brand.”

Lexus is targeting a “low 2 second range” and a time range of 0-62mph over 435 miles.

The supercar concept has been designated as having the potential to receive all-solid-state batteries early, and parent company Toyota recently announced plans to install it in mass-produced EVs from mid-2010.

But before that, the company plans to introduce all-solid-state batteries in hybrid vehicles. This allows for “technical testing and evaluation” before deploying to pure electrical products.

New Lexus EV Supercar: Successor to LFA starring Goodwood 2022

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