New LimeGen4 Rental Electric Bike Arrives in London

How comfortable is the Lime Gen4 e-bike?

Move Electric has been granted early access to the Gen4 e-bike to test the pace of Lime’s quality control trucks at its new Bermondsey Warehouse, which operates in London.

Now, full disclosure: the quality control course is essentially an empty section of the company’s warehouse marked with a traffic cone, so how Gen4 bikes work on London’s pitted roads, commuting. I couldn’t learn much about the practicality for or its comfort on long trips.

Still, a short outing was enough to show the potential of this bike. Considering that rental electric bikes are mainly used as a tool for short trips, the key requirements are practicality, durability, ease of use-and Gen4 is promising in that respect.

It’s easy to distinguish it from today’s London bikes. Not because the old red coloring, which is the color of the old operator’s jumps, has been replaced by lime white and lime green colors, adding a fresh glow to the look.

The Gen4 looks smarter and more modern than the old ones, but it’s still thicker, certainly like a more sophisticated and sophisticated touch. It holds the front storage basket, but the new phone holder has a clean and practical touch.

New LimeGen4 Rental Electric Bike Arrives in London

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