New photos may hold clues to 45-year-old mystery of dead Thames woman


Forensic scientists created this image of an unidentified young woman whose body was pulled from the Thames at Vauxhall Bridge exactly 45 years ago.

Missing persons charity Locate International worked with artist Hew Morrison to create images from photographs taken at the scene.

The charity hopes the image will trigger memories for those who lived and worked in London in 1977.

A woman’s body was found under the stairs leading to the south bank. River Thames at the Vauxhall Bridge. According to the autopsy, his age ranged from 30 to 35 when the body was found, and he was 5 feet 6 inches tall, with brown eyes and short brown hair. She was also fashionably dressed, wearing black pants, a blue overcoat, black shoes, and a red and white striped blouse.

Locate International CEO Dave Grimstead said:

“Many people remember where they were or what they were doing for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee when they heard the news of Elvis Presley’s death, so it’s a good idea to put it in the context of this culturally significant year. I hope that this image set inside will remain in someone’s memory.

“Even if your information seems insignificant, it could be the key to solving this incredibly sad case.

He hopes the new image will “provide important visual prompts to people who may know” the woman.

He added: “This is someone’s daughter. We can take it back and find justice where it is needed.”

If you have information, please contact the following charities. New photos may hold clues to 45-year-old mystery of dead Thames woman

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