New private hospital opens in Scotland

A new £ 5m private hospital has been opened in Livingston, Scotland. It is operated by Cosmedicare UK’s privately owned cosmetic surgery provider.

St. Ellen Hospital offers a wide range of medical specialties including all surgical procedures and reconstructions covering face, breast, body, gynecology and sex reassignment surgery, but most importantly private GP services, intensive Laser treatment, hand and eye burn treatment.

Founded five years ago, Cosmedicare is newly added and operates four private clinics in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sterling and Livingstone.

Gill Baird, Managing Director and Founder, who funded the project, said:

“This hospital was created to allow us to expand into other medical disciplines, not only to grow our team of Cosmedicare surgeons and disciplines, but also under the historic medical privilege system that governs private hospitals in the UK. We have made it possible to welcome independent surgeons at.

Baird hopes to help new hospitals tackle the growing NHS backlog. [independent]Allows patients to be treated in the same patient-centric route as we employ, without limiting the theater allocations currently experienced in the UK as a result of the Covid-19 and NHS backlogs. To This is what we expect. It will be an equally attractive prospect for surgeons and patients alike. “

Release date: December 6, 2021

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New private hospital opens in Scotland

Source link New private hospital opens in Scotland

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