New program for business leaders with disabilities

A new program has been launched by the government to support and develop senior leaders with disabilities.

This scheme, called the Catalyst Program, aims to bring together senior leaders with disabilities from across the public sector and develop them to the CEO level in their respective fields.

For over 12 months, we will provide representatives with intensive housing courses, coaching, diverse speakers from diverse backgrounds, and a network of peers to learn and grow.

The program is run by National Leadership CenterLaunched by the government in 2019 to support public sector leadership.

This will be the third such program to assist leaders with disabilities or long-term health.

Pamela Dow, Executive Director of the Government Skills and Curriculum Unit, said:

“We are proud to be able to expand our program to further help leaders with a wide range of experience continue to move up the ranks.”

14.7% of the UK’s adult economically active working age population has a disability or long-term health.

Steve McGuirk, a member of the NLC Advisory Board, said:

“The Catalyst program seeks to assist people with disabilities with a bespoke program designed to promote and break through the highest levels of public leadership, just like non-disabled leaders. Catalyst creates a network of people to maintain peer support and peer mentoring, and creates opportunities for people to share their experiences of what works and what doesn’t.

“Not only does it cover the same content as other NLC programs, but it also exposes representatives to exciting case studies and exciting people. Best of all, as the name implies, this will be in the coming years. I believe it will be a catalyst for freeing up a pool of highly talented leaders who will make a big difference in the way public services are provided in. “

Applications for both the Accelerate and Catalyst programs are open and will end on September 24th. To find out more and apply, please visit NLC. Website:

  • The National Leadership Center is a team within the Government Skills and Curriculum Unit of the Cabinet Office. It supports top public sector leaders in developing the skills, knowledge, and networks needed to meet the most complex strategic challenges of society.
  • Both the Catalyst and Accelerate programs have made declarations on government reform commitments to ensure that ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities “prosper in public services,” with MP Julia Lopez MP of the Cabinet Office reporting on public leaders. Tracked in. 2021.

New program for business leaders with disabilities

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