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New suit, new hair, same lie-Welcome to the Prime Minister’s question

A new suit. New hair. The same lie. Well, it’s not really the same thing. There was also a new lie. There is always. Whatever the subject, whatever the question, Prime Minister You will find a way to lie about it.

At this point, it is appropriate to rename the weekly House of Commons session to “Prime Minister’s Lie” only in the acronym. What did you do this week? PMSL in PML. That is the only psychological coping strategy.

Angela Rayner had to represent Keir Starmer, 24 hours after the recent reboot, COVID And I had to quarantine myself for what was understood as the 88th time.

Starmer ruled the Labor Party in much the same way as John VI of Portugal when the court was officially transferred to Rio de Janeiro. The only difference in Starmer’s Rio de Janeiro is the bedroom behind his upstairs.

Anyway, I’ll go back to the lie. Angela Rayner had the calm in October to speak to the Prime Minister, who claimed that fear of inflation was “unfounded.” “I didn’t say that,” he replied.

The world is moving pretty fast these days. Not surprisingly, by the time he sat down, a Sky News television interview reappeared his clip saying this exact thing. “People have been worried about inflation for a very long time, and their fears were unfounded,” Johnson said at the time.

That is another thing to add to your ledger. Another blatant lie was refreshingly told in the House of Commons shipping box.

Not so long ago, Labor Party Dawn Butler caused a tremendous amount of inconvenience by calling Boris Johnson a liar of the House of Commons and refusing to withdraw his remarks. After all, everything has to go down to Johnson’s level.

Reiner also asked about the rise in the energy bill, especially his promise to “lower the energy bill” in the EU referendum campaign.He said this in a column Sun Not only the newspaper, his signature article, but also his little graphic dressed as a musketeer.

This was also raised at a press conference on Downing Street on Tuesday night. Johnson’s answer is, frankly, a timeless lie. It’s not a blatant lie, but it’s a far worse ridiculous misrepresentation.

The promise of lower energy prices made in 2016 was, of course, a lie in itself. It means that it was a promise that could never be kept. But at the root of it was a vague truth. The EU does not allow member states to impose a VAT of less than 5% on fuel costs, and outside the EU the government may abolish this rate.

If you keep winning the vote, as you may remember, five years later, the prime minister became the one who clearly stated that “energy prices would be cheaper.” There is an unprecedented energy crisis and he isn’t doing what he said he would.

Johnson’s only desperate response is to blame the remnants. He claimed it was “paradoxical” to those who voted on Tuesday night to continue to expect Johnson to keep his promise. He said the same to Reiner. It was the “front line” and the “real cheeks” that did what he said and expected to reduce fuel VAT.

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He made a promise Brexit.. He won. He is now the prime minister. He broke it, and in the lie world of his golden wallpaper, and absolutely nowhere else, this is clearly evidence that “labor is unreliable in Brexit.”

And this is also noteworthy. Why is he no better at this liar business? Did he tell as many people as he has that as long as he has, he can’t really escape by claiming that his own lies are proof that someone else is unreliable? ??

And the answer is no. He can’t. And that’s why his party and his country have seen so clearly through him that anyone who knows him will eventually do so. The exact situation and complex details may not yet be clear, but the results are the same. Johnson is kicked out of the house and it ends as before.

New suit, new hair, same lie-Welcome to the Prime Minister’s question

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