News: Vimcar allows UK private ambulances to reach 100% of their ETA goals within three months of deployment.

VimcarFleet management software for small businesses has helped the UK private ambulance fleet. Talk to your doctorWith the ability to track vehicle movement in real time and optimize route efficiency in a very affordable way, it achieves 100% estimated time of arrival (ETA) goals in the first three months of implementation.

Talk to your doctor who is part of Health Finder Pro Ltd. In August 2020, we installed Vimcar’s Fleet Geo SaaS Plug and Play unit in seven powerful emergency response vehicles. Visits to individual patients at home rather than the original mission of providing medical advice online or by phone.

The results of our collaboration with Vimcar are important and will soon bear fruit. Talktoa Doctor will be able to reach 100% of ETA goals in just three months, not only providing the best service to its clients, but also avoiding financial problems. Penalty imposed if ETA does not hit.

Doniert Macfarlane, Director of Talk to a Doctor, commented: That’s why it’s important to get resources to the right place every second as soon as possible. Vimcar’s solution has greatly helped us exceed our clients’ expectations, our maximum goal, while avoiding the fines imposed if we fail to reach our goals. “

Talk to a Doctor not only improves customer service and minimizes CO2 emissions, but has also realized financial savings since installing Vimcar’s solution throughout the fleet. Optimal routing efficiency can save you a lot of fuel costs. You can also prove that your vehicle is being used as a pool car rather than a company car, reducing insurance costs and tax obligations.

Vimcar’s solution also helped Talk to a Doctor with its commitment to corporate social responsibility and the ability to optimize fleet routes to minimize carbon dioxide emissions. Not only can you use live locations to ensure routing efficiency, but Vimcar’s geo-fencing capabilities allow you to set drop-off points and storage locations anywhere, not just on your major vehicle base, significantly reducing travel time. I will. Talk to a Doctor uses only hybrid vehicles with CO2 emissions of 100 g / km or less, as the daily cruising range required for the fleet cannot be achieved with electric vehicles.

After researching the telematics market, I consulted with my doctor to choose a Vimcar solution and look for a simple, affordable and effective way to run that fleet. Doniert continues. “We thought there was a problem that could hopefully be solved very easily. We made it overly complicated and paid for many features that our fleet didn’t need. I didn’t want to pay. Most of the free logistics solutions out there were far beyond our requirements. Reliable, easy to install and use, affordable real-time tracking solutions Needed. Vimcar’s Fleet Geo provides just that. The ability to know where and when emergency medical personnel are available allows them to be dispatched in the most efficient way to meet their clients’ needs. “

Ronald Clancy, UK Country Manager for Vimcar, commented: “

Founded in Berlin in 2013, Vimcar is a leading provider of fleet telematics solutions to SMEs in their native Germany and introduced fleet geo products to the UK market last summer. Vimcar’s SaaS telematics solution covers all aspects of fleet management, including cost and document management, outlier analysis, CO2 reporting, real-time vehicle tracking, theft alerts, and route planning. With a focus on ease of use, affordability and strong customer support, the company’s products are ideal for fleets of 1 to 200 vehicles, especially small businesses that do not have a dedicated full-time fleet manager. Vimcar aims to redefine the fleet management of European SMEs by digitizing future company cars.

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News: Vimcar allows UK private ambulances to reach 100% of their ETA goals within three months of deployment.

Source link News: Vimcar allows UK private ambulances to reach 100% of their ETA goals within three months of deployment.

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