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The paper’s performance is also superior to its competitors. Our test car was designated with a range topping Evolve trim, but with an entry-level front-wheel drive powertrain and a small 63kWh battery, compared to the range topping e4orce cars 388bhp and 443lb ft. And provided 215bhp and 221lbft. Official range of 250 miles instead of 329 miles for the larger pack. All Ariyas can be charged at speeds up to 130kW. This is a convenient speed, but lately I’m starting to feel the minimum speed. The 350kW Hyundai and Kia will disappear towards sunset before finishing Starbucks at the charging station.

However, like many other cars in this segment, it’s head-to-head with apparently non-dynamic family car buyers, but it’s quite possible that this low-power version will emerge as a sweet spot in this range. I have. Power delivery is effective enough to make up for the lack of full punch and driving wheels, raising Ariya from rest to 62mph in just 7.5 seconds and accelerating at speeds below legal limits without a clear tail. – Overtaking and merging are as limited as in town.

Of course, this car is effective, as is often the case with non-performance EVs, but in a rarely interesting way, it responds with peace of mind with a 48:52 weight distribution (equivalent to 50:50 on a 4WD car). – But light – Steering and balanced chassis setup, it works well in corners. In other words, it is not only dazzling, but also stimulating and predictable.

In the city, due to its slow sophistication, it also matches the cool Volkswagen ID4. Only the toughest bumps give a perceptible impact to the seat base. The shattered UK Tarmac provides a clearer verdict on ride quality, but at high speeds there is little to talk about tires and wind roar. Beneficially, Nissan’s experience in the engineering and manufacturing of the three generations of indomitable Qashqai in the UK should firmly support Ariya at the forefront.

Nissan Ariya Review (2022) | Autocar

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