“No Funding” to Implement Royston Park Road Speed ​​Limits

There is no funding to implement speed limits at road accident hotspots.

Dozens of people on Royston Park Road Supports petition for safety measuresSome argue that the local problem is partly due to the race and general speed from the South Oxie and Watford areas to the hatch end.

At least 5 crashes have been recorded in the last few months On Pinner’s Road, the Hello Council previously agreed to allocate funding from Transport for London’s Local Transport Fund to develop a slowdown plan.

It was also understood at the time that the problem was escalating after a series of recent crashes.

However, it is now clear that there is no funding available for the scheme to be implemented immediately.

Crash earlier this year

Hatch Endward Councilor John Hinckley wrote in an email:

“The next funding review meeting is in mid-December, and we expect some funding to be allocated at that time. This traffic calming scheme is one of two top priorities within Harrow. We can guarantee that.

“For the time being, the temporary 30MPH speed sign will remain.

“This result is the most disappointing and I hope there will be no accidents in the meantime.”

Crash earlier this year

Crash earlier this year

At 6 pm on May 19, a car capsized on a hotspot road and a man was taken to the hospital.

In the previous incident on April 18, a car left the road and hit a mailbox.

One witness, Anthony Kenton, previously stated: I was killed.

“Every day, you can see cars driving on the road above the speed limit. Often well over 50 mph.”

On February 21, a car was off the road, hit a parked car, and damaged a tree on suspicion of “tracking.”

Between February and May, there were a series of other crashes.

The Hello Council was contacted for a more detailed response.

“No Funding” to Implement Royston Park Road Speed ​​Limits

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