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No, you don’t have to panic buy (again) in the supermarket

You may experience an unwelcome dose of deja vu on social media this week as the photos of the empty supermarket shelves are shared again.

But you don’t have to rush to buy up or stockpile toilet paper. That was enough in March 2020. Thank you very much.

The shortage is mainly “pingdemicSupermarket workers, heavy-duty truck drivers, and factory workers have been forced to self-quarantine at home after being pinged by the NHS app, emphasizing potential contact with Covid.

In the BBC 4 Today program, Iceland’s managing director Richard Walker said supermarkets had to hire 2,000 temporary workers to prepare for a “rapid increase in pings.” Some Iceland stores were temporarily closed due to a shortage of staff. Meanwhile, M & S has shortened the opening hours of some stores to address the shortage.

“The dramatic photos you might have seen in the media are isolated incidents and not widespread,” Walker reassured customers.

“But the people who are supposed to panic are the government, and as you know, the sooner they get rid of this turmoil and put retail workers and HGV drivers on the list of major workers, the better. I believe.”

The UK Retail Consortium (BRC) has urged ministers to “act swiftly” so that fully vaccinated workers or workers with negative test results are exempt from quarantine after a “ping”. ..

Executive Secretary Kwasi Kwaten confirmed that a list of “very narrow” sectors in which workers will be exempt from quarantine rules will be released Thursday afternoon. He didn’t check if the food sector was included in this list, but urged the public not to rush to buy up.

Panic buying is an understandable reaction to uncertain situations, but it can have serious implications for supply chains and people’s lives. HuffPost UK previously spoke with the therapist How to resist the urge to buy up, and the message was clear: Do your own to reduce anxiety.

Avoid threatening to post on social media and be surrounded by positive people. Also, if your local supermarket is short of certain products, you can always try a separate corner shop with plenty of products or a local farm.

No, you don’t have to panic buy (again) in the supermarket

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