North Yorkshire County Council promises to draw tourists to Scarborough’s ‘tourist gem’ this summer

Last year saw a boom in so-called staycations as international travel became uncertain due to restrictions on going out due to the coronavirus pandemic.

vacationers We are facing a critical time as we head into the major summer tourist season as school holidays begin, amid a cost of living crisis that has dramatically impacted disposable incomes.

The appeal of international travel is also being questioned amid chaotic conditions at domestic airports due to thousands of flights being canceled in a short period of time and staff shortages.

Authorities have pledged to help draw visitors to the Yorkshire coast.

County Council leader Cllr Carl Les highlighted the vast range of destinations on offer here. north yorkshirerange from remote country getaways to some of the most picturesque seaside resorts in the country.

But Mr Cllr Les stressed that this summer is the perfect opportunity for the domestic market to build long-term loyalty among holidaymakers.

he said:

“There are two national parks covering the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors and several national parks including some of the country’s most treasured seaside towns. scarboroughWhitby, Filey and this summer is an opportunity that is sure to bring vacationers who can experience the amazing places North Yorkshire has to offer.

Scarborough’s peak summer tourist season begins in August with school dismissals.

“But we must keep in mind that finances are a concern for so many people, especially if we want holidaymakers to consider returning to North Yorkshire again in the future.

“In order to be able to achieve our vision of long-term and sustainable tourism not only in North Yorkshire, but throughout the region, we must put value for money and the best possible experience at the forefront of everyone’s minds. must be placed in the

According to the latest data from Visit England, a third of those questioned in last month’s survey expect to make more overnight trips to the UK over the next 12 months than they did in the previous year.

The region’s tourism marketing itself is at a crossroads after Welcome to Yorkshire was brought under control in March.

The tourism and hospitality sector plays an important role in Scarborough’s local economy.

Entrepreneur Robin Scott bought the Welcome to Yorkshire brand, but his marketing efforts in the region are believed to be primarily online.

Mr Cllr Les, who was previously a board member on the original version of Welcome to Yorkshire, said board leaders had had positive discussions with Mr Scott about his plans.

Council leaders are also investigating the possibility of establishing a new tourism organization in the area. This was the first concept conceived after Welcome to Yorkshire came under control.

A decision on the creation of a new destination management body for Yorkshire will be taken by the council leaders later this year, possibly in the autumn.

Susan Briggs, director of the Yorkshire-based Tourism Network, works with over 1,000 businesses across North Yorkshire to help bring back tourists after the Covid-19 pandemic.

she said:

“Rising fuel prices mean many visitors are seeing new destinations on their doorstep. Many from within Yorkshire are booking places to stay in the region. Yorkshire is the perfect destination for everything from a countryside break to a city break to a coastal break.

“Our aim is to ensure that local communities and businesses benefit directly from our visitors’ economy, attracting visitors who want to buy local products and enjoy activities without having to travel far. is.”

Mrs Briggs also emphasized the fact that many of North Yorkshire’s attractions and accommodation providers are small, independent businesses and not part of any major national chain.

She added:

“This is good in a cost of living crisis. Our business really values ​​the loyalty of our regular visitors.

“We hope that visitors to North Yorkshire will see what is on offer and think about coming back each year.This is an industry that is very important to the economy of the region. Because it increases the momentum of things.”

Tourism in the Yorkshire region is worth £9 billion a year and 224,000 workers are employed in the sector.

North Yorkshire County Council promises to draw tourists to Scarborough’s ‘tourist gem’ this summer

Source link North Yorkshire County Council promises to draw tourists to Scarborough’s ‘tourist gem’ this summer

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