Northampton Healthcare Charity Launches Scholarships to Attract “Talented” Young People to Mental Health Nurses

“Talented Nurses of the Future” are offered scholarships to pursue a nursing career in mental health and learning disabilities.

St Andrews Healthcare We have launched a new nursing scholarship initiative in Northern Pton, the UK’s largest mental health charity and professional care for mental health and learning disabilities.

The three and a half year program is called ASPIRE Nursing and 10 scholarships are available. It is intended for 18-24 year olds who are passionate about their nursing career and are motivated to go on to college but do not have the financial support or necessary qualifications.

Students will be provided with £ 9,000 worth of education, 18 months of paid employment, and exposure to clinical work. They also receive £ 18,000 a year in financial support while attending college and studying. A Bachelor of Science (Honors Degree) degree guarantees the status of a staff nurse at St Andrews Healthcare and benefits from excellent career development and progress opportunities.

Students join St Andrews as a healthcare assistant and work in the clinical setting to gain experience. They complete a higher education certificate in the first year and can move to the second year of a nursing degree in either mental health or learning disability nursing.

Ged Rogers, Director of Clinical Education at St Andrews, said:

“This scholarship allows people to earn while learning at work and is fully financially supported during their college career. Opportunities for those who do not have the desired A-level grades or for a pandemic. Great for those who missed it.

“Mental Health and Learning Disability Nursing is a growing area within healthcare with great career opportunities. We bring compassion and enthusiasm, become part of the medical team, provide great care and transform the lives of our patients. We are looking for future talented nurses to help us. We encourage you to apply for young people who are ambitious and looking for alternative routes to nursing. Supporting students at all stages. To do.”

Candidates must have a good GCSE grade (minimum grade 4) in math and English. The application deadline is Sunday, August 15, 2021. Click for more information. here..

Nursing scholarship is a very successful extension ASPIRE program It was launched by St Andrews Healthcare in 2016. This allows healthcare assistants to combine learning and experience to jump directly to a sophomore at the University of Northampton. Mental Health Nursing Degree – Get a Nursing Degree in just two years.

Former builder Simon Austin signed up for the ASPIRE program after deciding to change jobs. A 44-year-old woman who graduated in September and is about to start a staff nurse position in St Andrews said: It is very focused on training and helping people progress. I started as a healthcare assistant, but I didn’t intend to be a qualified nurse. However, I decided to take various training courses to gain academic confidence and take the next step in my career. It was a great opportunity for me.

John Barry Waldon has completed the ASPIRE program and is now a senior staff nurse in St Andrews. For John, this program was his second chance to have a nursing career. Previously, he went to college to study nursing, but dropped out at the age of 26 for financial reasons. He worked as a health care assistant in St Andrews for many years before starting the program. He describes it as a “great opportunity.”

As part of his degree, John created a podcast called In the ward Special feature on mental health patients. The podcast attracted more than 20,000 listeners and won the Best Student Nursing Times Award 2020 for Student Innovation Practices.

Another ASPIRE graduate qualified as a mental health nurse two and a half years ago and is now St Andrews Healthcare..

Amanda said: I worked with a nurse in St Andrews and encouraged and encouraged me to become a nurse. ASPIRE provided the perfect combination of financial support and pastoral care. As an adult student, I couldn’t fund myself through college to support my family. This is an ideal alternative route to nursing and qualified without student debt or student loans, which is a bonus for me. “

To find out about vacancies throughout Northamptonshire, visit the following website:

Northampton Healthcare Charity Launches Scholarships to Attract “Talented” Young People to Mental Health Nurses

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