Northern Ireland Releases New COVID-19 Vaccination Data Dashboard

A new COVID-19 vaccination dashboard showing the progress of Northern Ireland’s deployment was released this week.

The Northern Ireland Ministry of Public Health states that the platform is the “first step” in planning to publish detailed immunization data daily.

Work continues on the dashboard infrastructure with the goal of providing more “comprehensive” resources. However, it is now possible to view the latest national vaccine statistics, such as total doses and the number of vaccinations received in the last 24 hours.

As of 11:33 am on March 11, statistics show that a total dose of 655,643 COVID-19 vaccines has been administered throughout Northern Ireland. This includes 606,695 first doses and 48,948 second doses since deployment began. The data also show that 7,389 vaccines have been administered in the last 24 hours. Close examination also allows users to view vaccination data by cohort and trust / GP.

According to the HSC (Northern Ireland Health and Social Welfare Agency), currently available statistics are not systematically / digitally generated and act as a “provisional step” prior to a complete immunization data management system. It is important to note that This means that the data will be affected by “fluctuations” and will be replaced when the “Northern Ireland Immunization Management System” is fully entered.

In addition, users can find up-to-date case statistics such as total test, total positive test, and total number of deaths. The platform also has a “COVID-19 Advice and Guidance” section, which links to online vaccination and test booking tools, contact tracing apps, useful guides on contact tracing, and symptom checkers.

Health Minister Robin Swan said:

“I’m working on improving the flow of regular information about the program. This dashboard is a step in that direction.”

To view the entire data or to see more details, please visit: Dashboard..

Northern Ireland Releases New COVID-19 Vaccination Data Dashboard

Source link Northern Ireland Releases New COVID-19 Vaccination Data Dashboard

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